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5 new irresistible dishes for the next 7 days

1. Spicy Sausage Gumbo Buried somewhere under all those grilled veggies, quinoa and our TGS no-flour, no-butter, tomato “roux”, is a juicy german bratwurst waiting to burst in your mouth with every bite. The kind that you save for last.

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NEW: Golden-battered Sotong Tempura

⚶ NEW specials for the week are out..! ☝☝ Our featured item is the Golden-battered Sotong Tempura, served with salted egg mayo. Makes a great beer snack, especially because we are offering a 1-for-1 on Barcelona’s own Moritz golden bubbly

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A different little something for you any day you visit

A different little something awaits you no matter which day you visit. Our little way of saying thanks 🙂 What’s in the WTF Menu ~~ lunch specials every Wed, Thu, Fri, 11am-3pm Call 86888575 to book a good table Or

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Ode to the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 !!!

Fanciest dessert we’ve ever made ~ our ode to the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014!!! The dome-shaped very healthy, very light and fluffy Avocado Yoghurt Egg White Cheesecake is to resemble a turtle’s half-shell, as well as to celebrate

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X-Men with C-grade superpowers

Do you have friends who take ages to reply to you? Like between 48 hours to never. And then miraculously one day you get an almost instant reply, and you’re like “Whoa they love me!” but turns out it’s only

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Singapore's best-kept secret yet

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