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At the behest of a friend, we created these babies for their booth at the upcoming Fantastic Thai Market on 12th September. So the conversation goes something like this~ Friend: Bro, can you create some Thai-themed stuff for our next

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Why did we name our new cocktail “50.39”?

|ØLYMPIC•BØØZE| Thanks to Kiss92‘s Maddy, Jason, and Arnold, we learned that hor, you cannot anyhowly use a certain hemsem Olympic gold medallist’s name to promote your product, even if he truly madly deeply eats your food or drinks your Milo

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Feeling adventurous? Try something new this week ~ our Waffle Iron Panini! Part-superfood, part-hipsterfood. It is made with our original virgin coconut-chickpea hummus, cottage cheese, and strawberry-basil bruschetta, all piled on top of a waffle iron-pressed herby panini. Make it

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Illusion – Nipples – Eggsplosion

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so. —Douglas Adams |ILLUSIØN| … is naming something ‘mee siam mai hum’ when there is neither mee siam nor a single hum in it. (p/s: we added a book AND reading glasses to make

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Did something “bad”? 3 stupid-simple ways to appease the Parental Unit

Okay, we admit that headline was pure clickbait. Guilty as charged. We’re bad peoples. You are truly not going to find anything here that is going to add value to your life in any way. Please. Just leave. *wistful sigh*

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Singapore's best-kept secret yet

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