Let Dad MEAT His Match

(lolz sorry, we just HAD to ^_^)
Poster IMG Let Dad Meat Father's Day June 2016

Come and dine with your Dad and get our Ultimate Mixed Grill for 27.5/pax only (u.p. 34.5/pax)*
Click here for Father’s Day promo menus and superquick booking!

*Father’s Day promo valid 1-19 June 2016
The Ultimate Mixed Grill comprises Australian ribeye steak strips, Australian lamb loin chops, herby German bratwurst, with buttery hand-mashed potatoes and fresh garden salad by side

🙁 Unable to step out? 🙂 We deliver with two wonderful options ~

  • Deliveroo delivers within 32 minutes
  • FoodPanda currently has a 20% Father’s Day discount

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Check-in, check-in, check-in!

We’re running not just one but TWO loyalty specials on Foursquare. For every second check-in, an ice-cold refreshing glass of Lemongrass Tea awaits thee. For every third check-in, a warm, hearty Soup of the Day awaits thee.
Iced Lemongrass Tea

butternut squash soup with a hint of saffron

So, on your first visit, diddly-doo twiddly-thumbs.. there’s nothing for you but hey whip out the phone and check-in anyway. ‘Coz that’ll get you somewhere on your next and next-next visits. Genius, right? Right.
Foursquare Loyalty Special: free Iced Lemongrass Tea every second check-inFoursquare Loyalty Special: free Soup of the Day every third check-in

All you have to do is flash any one of us… the “unlocked prize” screen on your smartphone.

We’re always open to feedback on how we can make things more exciting, Foursquare specials included. We love hearing from you and we try to make ourselves available a few hours a day on Facebook and Twitter. So come talk to us.

And. You’re welcome.

Lunar New Year platters – yet another Sluggy mini contest

So we’ve got a couple of “Lunar New Year platters” out, and you could win one for yourself. We are going to make this contest easy-peasy because yo mama said so. OK not really, but anyhoo.

See this clipping from i-Weekly magazine?
TGS in i-Weekly magazine
thanks for the pic, julyclover.

We put it through Google Translate and this is what it spat us:

Since it was launched in 2006, located in the pet hospital and pet store several nearby TGS have been a number of loyal supporters, among them cats in animal welfare associations held meetings. Restaurant in the 25 to 29 January Lunar New Year period, the introduction of special menu, which the Greek original raw salmon ($95), three copies of the Lunar barbecue platter ($55) the most popular, but need to put dry 2 days ago bookings.

How to win a LNY platter
1) The first person to e-mail us a more accurate translation of the article wins the $55 platter.
2) Accuracy aside, the first person to e-mail us the most creative and/or laugh-till-belly-aches translation wins the $95 platter.

That’s right, valuing creativity over accuracy. Clearly we are people of good taste and solid character.

Closing date: 31 January 2012.
Winner(s) will be announced first week of February 2012.

Hear from youse soon.

The Ultimate Christmas Platter

Version 2011 comes with some Yuletide turkey w mushroom Chardonnay sauce + sausages + grilled ham w crushed apple glaze + cranberry almond greek salad + Real Mash™ by side. This is the portion for 1. (or 2 can share, but WHY SHARE?! ‘TIS NOT THE SEASON FOR SHARING, YO!)
The Ultimate Christmas Platter 2011

The portion for 2-3 comes with all of the above PLUS a salmon & chestnut terrine with fresh, warm bread by side.
The Ultimate Christmas Platter 2011
It’s good for 2-3, but you don’t have to share this either. Just sayin’.

Available for dine-in at our shoppe, all day, everyday, through December 2011.
The Ultimate Christmas Platter 2011

What about non-dine-in guests? There are people who like to tapau things you know.
No por-blem. We also have a simple, good-looking, and somewhat-healthy (just like all of us Slugs.. hurhur!) Christmas Take-home Kit for youse, if you’d like to have the Ultimate Celebration in the comfort of your own home instead.

How it works – very simple.
1) Place your order online.
2) Orders above $385 get free delivery.
3) Or, come pick up your order from our shop – we’ll give you 1 bottle of Sommerton Shiraz Cabernet on the house.
4) Last day for ordering is 20 December 2011.

Hit us up if you need help – justask@thegardenslug.com (a rather friendly Slug mans the e-mail hotline dunch worry)