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Happy Christmas everyone!

Thank you all for a wonderful 2015, and here’s to an even happier 2016 ^_^ (And no, we certainly do not endorse perving at our in-house beefcakes and making videos of them carving turkey to Barry White….. but wateva laaa

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Honey Orange Lemon Lime – successor or just plain stealing Honey Lemon Lime’s spotlight?

Guest post by the adorable Chong Yang Slug Honey lemon and lime has always been a bestseller, one of the more popular drinks with its refreshing taste of sweetness and sourness. It’s tasty, the kitchen staff loved it, I loved

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X-Men with C-grade superpowers

Do you have friends who take ages to reply to you? Like between 48 hours to never. And then miraculously one day you get an almost instant reply, and you’re like “Whoa they love me!” but turns out it’s only

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Happy St Patrick’s Day ^_^

It’s greenish for St Patrick’s Day, a day for festive boozing And Garden Slugs are never slow for fun and song and shmoozing. Tho’ no sane Slug has ever kissed the blessed Blarney Stone, There is no lack of yakety-yak

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An ode to Mary Had A Little Lamb (Chop)

by Shireen Lim Mary had a little lamb, Some kind of fusion ‘pho’, But she had longings for this dish so to the Slug she’ll go. Mary’s lamb is not for school, Is not for faint of heart Mary’s lamb

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