Pantang larang

almost a grotto

I’ve become ridiculously “pantang” (superstitious) of late. Well, the rest of the Slugs have been quite god-fearing (we’re talking about all sorts of gods here) recently too, in the hope that The Garden Slug will be blessed with lots of joy and good publicity.

Check out this little water feature. Got the stones and pumps from The Nature Company off Joan Road. Basically Sharon built it and I just ermm watched and gave ‘aesthetic recommendations”

Water is supposed to bring luck. I just hope it won’t be bringing in mozzies!

8 years at Starbucks

8 yrs of starbucks bearistas

Paying homage to my last workplace – Starbucks! It’s been a fantastic 8 years, mainly ups I must say. I would never have left you guys if I’m not off pursuing a lifelong dream.

The Garden Slug has been 10 years in the making and I’m so excited that it IS finally going to materialise! (As soon as the URA gives us a breather ** Greasy fingers crossed)

Miss the Starbucks partners XX

Sophia & Joe

Sophia Slug & Joe Slug

Check out the hot and sticky faces! Meet Sophia-slug and Joe-slug. Too bad Sharon-slug couldn’t make it coz she has to visit her mum.

We are on a tuk tuk after a hot afternoon at Ayutthaya. It is the old capital of Thailand – an amazing historical site about an hour plus by train from Bangkok.