Weekend Loungin’

Kelly & Ida wrote in with some very adorable pictures of what we now call “Handsome Harvey”.

We thought we should let you know that we are new fans of The Garden Slug and we regret that we didn’t know about the place sooner! Ida was googling around for pet-friendly places in the East (we just got our new dog Harvey about 3 weeks ago) and we found you.

We’ve been back religiously every weekend and it’s a must-do/must-go for us now.

The F&B’s fab, the crew’s fab and we adore the wonderful throwback to the 70s vibe. Keep it up.

Check out some pics we’ve taken in visits 1-5.

artsy shot of our glass wall

from Agnes & Bern

Agnes & Bern wrote in with some lovely pics!

Just had dinner @ The Garden Slug with my friend, Bern. Here’s some pictures that we took. Hope you like it.

Good food, good service. Keep it up!

Our all time favorites and what we always order – basket of warm panini bread with slab of cold butter =)