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Baby G’s 1st year birthday bash

We mentioned awhile ago (awhile in Slug years being.. oh, only about a year and four months?) that we seem to be celebrating a lot of first months, first birthdays and 21st birthdays. While that still holds true, we’ve also

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Love your body, honey

Prepping for a The Body Shop gig this week – a honey-themed event! *excites*

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Are you a bookworm with a (very slight, almost unnoticeable) beer belly??

You might just find yourselves right at home with the kindred folks of Books & Beer – “a travelling book swap with an icy-cold twist”. This month they be travelling to a friendly neighbourhood diner near you *ahem* Jump on

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The science of romantic love

We’re going to get very scientific about romance this year while maintaining our usual modus operandi of talking about everything else but food on a restaurant blog. We’ve been reading a delightful little book called “59 Seconds: Think A Little,

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YY’s 21st Birthday recap

Noticed an interesting pattern lately. We’ve sort of become the go-to place for a lot of firsts this year. Baby’s first month, baby’s first birthday, and also twenty-first birthdays. (21st is still a first what.) What we love are the

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Singapore's best-kept secret yet

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