Last month I built a solid, wooden stage with my bare hands…

JJ and The Paperplanes Fri 5 Dec, 8pm (one night only) The Garden Slug
JJ and The Paperplanes
Fri 5 Dec, 8pm (one night only)
The Garden Slug

Last month I built a solid, six-by-four wooden stage with my bare hands… just so I can invite fresh skinny talents like JJ and The Paperplanes come pluck guitar and stomp around for you while you quaff your ciders and shovel down those truffle fries.

JJ and the who?

JJ and The Paperplanes, you ninny. It is a Pop Punk band from Singapore that’s as real as the food we serve, with none of that ‘I’m an artiste’ pretension.
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When Unicorns Cry

Somebody out there is crazy enough to think our crude li’l bakery Dough Empire is going to become a “Future Classic”.

LOL WTF SRSLY? Check back in 10 years time and see, k. 
LOL WTF SRSLY? Check back in 10 years time and see, k.
Dough Empire - the anti-bakery. Bake Love, Not War
Shameless advertorial: Visit to find out why we are the anti-bakery

I dunno what they’re smoking but they invited Dough Empire to be part of some ‘designery’ event at … the National Design Centre, of course, duh.

IKR? Cray cray.
IKR? Cray cray.

They even asked us to give a talk! Not one, but two! LAWL!! Have they even MET us?? The only thing we’ve got going for us is that our baker Joseph is quite the eye candy. That’s about it, honestly.

The VIP (Very Important Parts) specially highlighted for those with Old Flower Eye syndrome, just like us
The VIP (Very Important Parts) specially highlighted for those with Old Flower Eye syndrome, just like us

Whatever you do, DO NOT come at 3pm to see us make fools of ourselves.

Just to troll everyone, we’re gonna bake some stuff that’s not even on our online store yet, put it in a box and call it “When Unicorns Cry – The Dough Empire Medley”. The boxes will be in 3 different sizes – basic, deluxe and premium, packed in environmentally-friendly unbleached canvas tote bags.

(this one example picture onli)
(this one example picture onli)

Like any other evil capitalist trying to “do the right thing”, we’ll donate a few cents of our gazillion dollar sales to our favourite cat lady Elaine of Love Kuching Project, and our favourite bleeding-heart-socialist Carrie of Daughters of Tomorrow.

That hipster enuff for the event, you think? We’re hoping to see more tai-tais than hipsters to be very honest. Becoz Aunty Killers ‘R’ Us.

See youse there ~ stay awesome Gotham


Organised by Kapok Singapore (they must REALLY be smokin sumthin)

Hosted at National Design Centre, 111 Middle Road

13-14 Sep 2014


Are rainbow cakes really made of unicorn tears? Tell us what you think in the comment section below, and we might just pick one of you to receive a deluxe box of When Unicorns Cry.

The UN[SEEN] is now at The Garden Slug!


A son. A daughter. A mother. A friend. An employee. A boss. A colleague.

The UN[SEEN] is a roving photo exhibit that depicts the lives of transgender people in Singapore, and provides a glimpse into their extraordinary journey to lead ordinary lives.

Their stories are diverse and these people congregate from all walks of life to be featured in this project.

Some of them lead muted, sub-par lives to avoid discrimination and exist alongside mainstream society, not quite blending in, yet not truly standing out either, for their overt gender ambiguity. Others choose to embrace their unique identity openly.

There will always be those who do not conform to societal norms of having a gender binary system, and these people will forever live in the shadows cast by prejudice and unfair stereotypes, but remember:

underneath those layers marred by misunderstanding is a family member, friend, or even a co-worker with their own lives to lead, just like you and me.


UN[SEEN] is brought to you by Break The Binary as a roving exhibition in Singapore.

After its much-touted soft launch success at Artistry, we are very much humbled and honoured to be the chosen home of UN[SEEN] for the next couple of months.






To view the complete collection, visit The Garden Slug during opening hours.

This exhibition is free for all.

Baby G’s 1st year birthday bash

We mentioned awhile ago (awhile in Slug years being.. oh, only about a year and four months?) that we seem to be celebrating a lot of first months, first birthdays and 21st birthdays. While that still holds true, we’ve also had all kinds of numbers being celebrated. 37th birthday. 4.5 year anniversary. That kind of thing. We dun discriminate. A party is a party.

Balloons, cake, music. No wonder everyone dreams of opening their own restaurant hor? ‘Coz it’s like party party party every week…………………….

ANYHOO. This is long overdue (we’re still trying to catch up with a huge backlog of blog posts. Are backlogged blog posts called BACKBLOGS? Ok nvm..)

Baby G's first year birthday bash

Here’s a little throwback from March 2013. A little love note from Big G and Baby G:

I finally got a chance to write back to all of you.Thank you so much for making Glenda’s birthday a success…everyone comment to me about the food as it’s delicious…but I did get to try it at all 🙁
And everyone love the place.They love everything about garden slug.. 🙂

Thank you so much once again. I couldn’t tag u guys in Facebook.So here is the pic with the crew that makes everything so special…

Well, we only have two things to say, Big G.

FIRSTLY, ok we gotta figure out that Facebook tagging thing.

SECONDLY, All we wanna say is…. YOU GOT IT WRONG, G, YOU GOT IT SO WRONG! It’s YOU who makes everything special……. silly…… ^_^ hahaha