Brownie Madness

Brownie Madness 1

Brownie madness- These popsicles just seem to be putting smiles on people’s faces- maybe we should rename them Popsicles of Joy or something !

Brownie Madness 2

Yup, did we mention that these are brownie popsicle-loving folks?

Brownie Madness 3

Dorothy & Mandy: “Best brownie Popsicles we’ve ever tasted- Best part is that we get to keep our hands clean! “

SA Tours Department Dinner

We had the privilege of hosting the Datuk and his staff from SA Tours for their department dinner- Thanks Ken and Dorothy for being so supportive ! 🙂 We managed to comfortably host 45 guests at our humble li’l diner Woohoo!

The Garden Slug was decked out in colorful finery to welcome our guests.. Even the table tops were not spared! More photos from the party after this 🙂
Decked in colourful finery

Food food food

This is Why we haven’t been blogging (much)

Moses Lim Fly-Cruise Club at SA Tours

Last week, we scored a deal to be the food and beverage supplier for the Moses Lim Fly-cruise club 🙂

Really nice guy in person – love his funky get up! Sharon Slug had to hold the fort while Joe and I were out smoozing with Moses and his guests – Thanks Sharon for taking care of the dining in garden slug guests !