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Finally the stingy buggers at Dough Empire are offering Free Shipping -_-

Hey you, We love talking about Dough Empire like they’re different people. But it’s really just us. Talking to ourselves. About ourselves. ANYHOO. Now that the baker a.k.a. Joseph Slug is back from his Grand Canyon mountaineering holiday (and in

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Are Rainbow Cakes really made of unicorn tears?

Somebody out there is crazy enough to think our crude li’l bakery Dough Empire is going to become a “Future Classic”. I dunno what they’re smoking but they invited Dough Empire to be part of some ‘designery’ event at … the

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Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with things that actually look like the moon!

…… the surface of the moon, that is…. (and its surrounding neighbours: the planets, stars and galaxies…) Quick link to place your order ?? Leave a comment below and share your most memorable Mid-Autumn memory. I’ll pick out a

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$3 flat delivery fee!

Be one of the first to discover the All-Natural Rainbow Cake

Singapore's best-kept secret yet
Singapore's best-kept secret yet

Available for private parties. Complete Catering & Full Bar

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