Feb 19-23 specials, and a pledge you should pledge

So today’s THE day. Pledge, enjoy our tiny discount, chuck your phone away and give your friends the attention they deserve! Or tell someone to Put It On Friend Mode and give YOU the attention you deserve ^_^

put it on friend mode x the garden slug

…’coz if you don’t.. US GANGSTA SLUGZ WILL COME AFTER YOU!! ….with their wimpy smartphones of coz. One word: STOMP. BAHAHAHAHA

In other news.

This weekend, the Three Little Pigs returns. We made a drink called The Garden Slut. Yes you heard it right, we’re not pronouncing it short-tongued-ly like half of this great nation does. Yes we know everyone makes fun of us so we’re like NAH YOU THINK IT’S SO FUNNY DRINK IT, DRINKKKK! Made up our own word “Garmesan” (garlic + parmesan hahaha!). Put Marmite in a pasta. And dropped a crowd-pleasing malted milk & sea-salt crème brûlée tart by the too-busy-baking-to-update-social-media Dough Empire. O what fun we have ^_^

Book us early so we can put you at a good table. Or reserve online with our shiny new online reservations thingamajig.

Let the foodpr0n begin!!
Three Little Pigs hash cheese egg bake

cocktail special: The Garden Slut

garmesan fries

Umami Marmite Pasta

malted milk & sea-salt crème brûlée tart

Feb 19-23 specials

Be a little bit wiser baby, PUT IT ON, PUT IT ON

We’ve always suspected Emma Bunton was preaching safe sex

BUT WE ARE NOT! Or are we?

All photos © Put It On Friend Mode
All photos © Put It On Friend Mode

While we’re not quite as alluring as The Spice Girls, trust us we. are. full. of. spice.
Like Mustafa.
‘Coz we’re like, ya know, a restaurant and all. Sure got spice one.

Put It On Friend Mode NTU The Garden Slug

People ignoring each other at TGS? Pffffttt never happens here. (“ORLY?!” we hear you say) Nonetheless it’s etiquette and common decency that we feel very strongly about. Hence we’re proud to be supporters of NTU’s very charming Put It On Friend Mode project.

Put It On Friend Mode NTU The Garden Slug

So, ANYHOO. If you want to preserve your friendships. Or get laid. You know what to do. In the famous words of Emma Bunton… Put It On, Put It On.

Put It On Friend Mode NTU The Garden Slug

“Friend Mode Day” is about ten days away (22 Feb) and we may or may not have some special discounts for yewwww – keep this page bookmarked. Dog-eared. Twitted,twatted, whatevs is cool these days.

Make a Candle • Support the Underprivileged

candleIn India, 1 out of 12 girls who are born, die before their 1st birthday. By age four, 1 out of 4 are victims of sex abuse. Every day, 22 women and girls are killed by their husbands or husbands’ family after marriage.

Having a skill and a job is the FIRST step to a life of dignity. Daughters Of Tomorrow’s livelihood projects train and employ disadvantaged women in the Third World to make lovely products for sale in Singapore and internationally. Through skills acquisition and productive work, these women acquire a new sense of confidence and dignity previously denied due to socio-cultural and economic circumstances.

\o/ Yez! More bleeding-heart-socialists! We’re on a roll here!

The projects adhere to fair trade guidelines and work closely with local NGOs to make sure its beneficiaries are protected against any exploitation.

To learn more about dem darling Daughters of Tomorrow,
visit the Official website: www.DaughtersOfTomorrow.com
Like & follow DOT on Facebook

* * * * * * * * * * * *
So where’s this all leading to?? GLAD YOU ASKED! 😀

In collaboration with Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT), MOVE Community & yours truly are having a candle-making workshop on 15 December, Sunday.

DIY A Lovely Christmas Gift

candle making workshopThis Christmas, get your loved ones a personally handmade (i.e. made by your hands!) & hand-decorated candle gift. Made with 100% beeswax, DOT’s candles are eco-friendly and give out a natural fragrance for more than 10 hours. You will be given craft materials and guidance by workshop trainer and Founder of DOT Carrie Tan. Enjoy a creative afternoon in this season of peacelovejoy.

candle making workshopRegister at $35 per person. Cost includes 1 x 125g candle, coffee, tea & cookie treat. $12 for each additional candle you wish to create. Proceeds go to support DOT’s livelihood programmes for underprivileged women.

Please Join Us Slugs & Slugphiles alike in this good-cause li’l workshop.

When: Sunday, 15 Dec 2013 4pm to 5.30pm
Where: Just this here li’l pied-à-terre [ map di tu peta mappu]
Nearest MRT: Eunos

Sign up by filling up this little form below:
(we do not collect e-mail addresses and we will not spam you, ever. Promise.)

Or, e-mail/call Andrew Slug at myevent.move@gmail.com / 9011 3220 (Andrew Slug also knows how to use “Whatsapp” :-O )

If you are unable to attend this event, we humbly BESEECH you to support DOT by shopping at daughtersoftomorrow-shop.com , or by spreading the word.

daughters of tomorrow carrie tanLooking forward to your strong support in this cause ♥ ♡

I Love Kuching – loving our neighbourhood cats

1457515_10152039143047138_491559315_n In collaboration with Love Kuching Project, we are organising a visit to a nearby kitty foster home. That’s right! Kitties have foster homes too! We will get to learn about the rescue of cats in need, sterilisation of strays, adoption of pet cats and cat care.

To find out more about the bleeding-heart-socialist Love Kuching Project, visit their website or Facebook page.

Come join us Slugs & Slugphiles alike in this li’l outing and extend some TLC towards a lovely bunch of poor-thing kitties.

When: Saturday, 30 Nov 2013 3pm
Where: Exact address will be provided after sign-up.

Enquire or sign up by filling up this little form below:
(we do not collect e-mail addresses and we will not spam you, ever. Promise.)

Or, e-mail/call Andrew Slug at myevent.move@gmail.com / 9011 3220 (Andrew Slug is also very “Whatsapp-friendly” dunch worry).

See y’all there! ^_^

Sharing Yoga Happyness – connecting mind, body and breath

Yoga by MOVE x TGSThis gentle class focuses on relaxation, connection and breathing. You may find the class helpful if you’re experiencing some form of restlessness or like to find quietness in your hectic routine.

No prior experience is required. Beginners are welcome. Suitable for all genders.

This trial session is free – organised by yours truly in collaboration with MOVE Community.

24 November 2013 . Sunday

5.00pm – 6.00pm

Oasis Yoga

Block 10 Selegie Road #01-50 [map]


Dress comfortably. Bring a yoga mat (if you have one), a towel and drinking water. If you like to borrow a yoga mat, please let us know.

Come with an open mind. This is a non-religious practice.

Rain or shine, the class will start at 5pm sharp. No reconfirmation required.

Sign up here, easy peasy ☟

For enquiries, e-mail our co-ordinator Andrew Slug at myevent.move@gmail.com or 9011 3220. Text and Whatsapp friendly. See you there!