We’re closed on 1 Feb Monday for our “Company Function” !

Finally! The slugs get to hang up their aprons and get together for their annual Dinner & Dance. This is incredibly belated as we were toooo busy with Turkey TV in Decemeber. So, all the slugs will trot to Sophia slug’s humble new abode for a pot luck session and meet her food-named pets. (Pancat the feline superstar and Peanut the Samseng cocker)

We will keep you posted on what each slug brought. Let’s hope we don’t end up with 12 tubs of agar-agar. Or 12 bags of nacho chips! ha… 🙂 ** To Joe slug- you are not allowed to bring Pineapple tarts **

So, see you on 2 Feb Tuesday 6pm back at the shop. Rest of the week : sluggin’ it out as usual! See ye~

Store opening Hrs from 12- 16 Feb 2010

12th Feb Fri – 9am till late ~ Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu reservations **  menu announcements coming up soon!

13th Feb Sat & 14th Feb Sun – closed for Lunar New Year

15th Feb Mon – 6pm till late ~ Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu reservations** menu announcements coming up soon!

16th Feb Tues – 6pm till 10pm

17th Feb Wed onwards – back to normal !

The Garden Slug puts on some fancy pants!

Bright and early last weekend, Joe & I packed a bunch of smartly-uniformed slugs in the slug-mobile and drove to a huge private art warehouse . A client of ours was hosting a cocktail and sit-down lunch for some potential art buyers. We planned a fusion menu for her, as requested. 🙂 Enjoy the food pr0n!

Champagne & Hors D'oeuvres
Champagne & Hors D’oeuvres

Cocktail Trio
Trio of Colourful Fruit kebabs, Japanese Achar cucumber with Toasted sesame seeds, Feta and Stuffed Olives

Champagne on ice
Champagne on ice

Petite Starter
Petite Starter: Lemongrass grilled Shrimps over coral leaves. Dressed in lemon citrus oil and topped with sweet basil leaves

Grilled Chicken Breast atop Saffron Tomyam linguine
Main #1: Grilled Chicken Breast atop Saffron Tomyam linguine, glazed with Marsala oil. White-wine grilled Asparagus completes the ensemble

Slow-baked Vegetable Ratatouille
Main #2: Slow-baked Vegetable Ratatouille topped with seared vegetable rings

Braised Lamb Loin
Main #3: Braised Lamb Loin with chunky root vegetables in a red wine sauce, spiced with Szechuan pepper and rosemary

Chilled Kahlua  Vanilla custard topped with Gula Melaka and candied Pumpkin
Dessert: Chilled Kahlua Vanilla custard topped with Gula Melaka and candied Pumpkin

Big thanks to Michael, Alex, Jian Yun, Wei Yang & Dexter for doing a great job and looking glamorous while doing it too!

A shout out goes out to Sharon Slug too, who was holding the fort and taking care of Mark and Adeline’s event at The Garden Slug on the same day 🙂 ** and not forgetting Jose, Kenny, Leo and Sam of course!**

Give me those Krispy Kremes!!

Last night at The Garden Slug… Shaun slug walks into the kitchen with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts.  Seeing the familiar polka-dotted box, Joe and Sophia let out a collective 100 decibel , ” WAHHHHHHHHH!!! ” In response to that, Shaun said, ” Nicholina left this for Sharon, I’ll keep it in the chiller for her..”  Joe and Sophia then let out a collective sigh, ” Ohhhhhhhhhh…” But we’re meeting Sharon Slug this afternoon to do the R&D for the new Hearty Pineapple Tarts..  Hehe, will convince Sharon Slug to share her donut stash. :-0  Thank You Nicholina for lugging these precious babies all the way from K.L. !

A Sluggy Christmas Story

Gosh, this blog post is oh-so-belated….  Remember our Xmas Kits 2009? ( I know, I know..that was sooo last year.. haha) The kitchen slugs were working close to 20 hours per day watching Turkey TV and stirring stew pots…So, imagine how touched we were when 4 slug fans friends actually came with gifts of love to thank us for our effort. We’re truly floored!

First, Nicholinabrought her dad’s famous roast pork! And gave us Royce Champagne chocolates on Boxing Day… She obviously found our weak spot(s)!

Nicholina's Dad's Famous Pork Roast!
Royce Chocolates from Nicholina!

And then, Yvonne came with MANY Xmas stockings of Yuletide sweets 🙂 [thanks for the pics, Kenny!]

Santa Yvonne came bearing gifts of socks!
Xmas Socks from Yvonne

As if that isn”t enough big love, Good ol’ Nicholas and Clare came to cook us Wagyu steaks for dinner!!! Those steaks were delish! I’m sure Sharon slug will second that opinion. Sorry Nick & Clare, that I was running all over the store with steak in my mouth.. Haha.. :-0

Nicholas getting ready to WAGA-WAGA-WAGYUUUU!!
Nicholas' melt-in-your-mouth air-flown Wagyu

Thank You everybody for making us feel like we have made a teeny tiny difference to your holidays. You sure did make a difference to OURS ! May 2010 be a fabulous year for everybody 🙂