Helping you, help me with food!

Hey Friendz & Slugphiles

One thing I realised is that I’m busy all the time and I don’t have time to cook a quality meal —–[yes yes i do see the irony because i run a restaurant, but we’ll spare the jokes/trolls for later!]

So! I wanted to invite a few of you to test a business idea with me.

Convenient, home-cooked and wholesome western-style meals.

On Feb 19, for $20. There will be a personal chef (actually our head chef) making us food and delivering it to you conveniently and deliciously!

If this is something you’re seriously interested in please paypal $20 to

Open to all and any feedback.

Sharon Slug

P.S. Please let me know if you have any dietary restrictions, or any particular preferences. I promise the dinner will be delish!!!

this week only: creamy pasta florentine w/ seared scallops & steamed mussels

Probably one of the more exciting specials we have to date. SCALLOPS leh. MUSSELS leh. Stuff that we’re normally too lazy to bring in. But our chef du jour Vun Kien Slug convinced us this would be a hit with the ladies in particular. (or maybe he is hoping that he might be a hit with the ladies???!? Blardy CKP.)

ANYHOO. We okay’d it and decided to market it with the seafood lover in mind, being the non-gender-discriminatory Slugs that we are.

Let the foodpr0n begin. Bam!
creamy pasta florentine w seared scallops & steamed mussels

Bam! Bam!
creamy pasta florentine w seared scallops & steamed mussels

creamy pasta florentine w seared scallops & steamed mussels

Ya feelin’ that? Ya feelin’ me? Want more bing bam boom?

Okay, here goes. Nothing gets the bangin’ & boomin’ going more than Nutella. And espresso. Ya, you heard that.

Desserage of the week (our self-invented word coz we cannot decide if this is dessert or beverage, so voila! Desserage! Genius.) – espresso icebergs dunked in hazelnut milk, topped w Nutella and crushed walnuts
espresso icebergs dunked in hazelnut milk, topped w nutella & crushed walnuts

For a bit of zing, consider the thick & creamy roasted cauliflower chowder, topped w lemon herb crumbs.
cream of roasted cauliflower, topped w lemon herb crumbs

How’re this week’s specials sounding so far? We’ve also got an encore appearance of the Three Little Pigs. How do we explain the Three Little Pigs to the uninitiated. Hmm.. basically it’s an all day breakfast ménage à trois of smokey bacon, honeybaked ham, and herby bratwurst, baked in a big-time orgy of eggs, potato hash and lots of oozy gooey mozzarella.
Three Little Pigs hash cheese egg bake

Everything here is in a bit of a “limited portions only” situation this week, so let us know if you’d like us to reserve a portion (or two, or three) of any of the specials when you book a table with us.

We gots three ways to make a reservation these days:
Online reservation (i.e. using computer, mouse and keyboard)
Mobile booking app (no installation necessary, need only smartphone and one or two opposable thumbs)
• Good ol’ telephone 86888575 (ya, go buy 4D. U strike we split half k.)

Thinking of holding a party here? Tell us more → use our nifty li’l 1-minute party enquiry form.

Never trust anyone who is rude to a waiter

customer service at its best
Sharon Slug using Slugphile Weiru’s head as a writing platform while taking orders. Weiru retaliates with a bear hug.

photo © June Yang

I remember my grandmother telling me that if I were ever to marry, I should make sure he was kind. But she might just as well have said: “Find yourself a man who’s nice to waiters.” The way people treat restaurant staff is, I think, a kind of poker tell, revealing a person’s character in as long as it takes to say: “I’ll have the sea bass.” A man (or woman) who is actively unpleasant to waiters is best avoided. Ditto those who patronise them. Just as bad, though, are people who treat waiters as though they’re invisible. This is not, as these cretins seem to think, a sign of metropolitan sophistication. Do this, and you might as well be wearing a T-shirt that says: “I’m an over-privileged baboon: cold, ruthless, rude and rather stupid.”

Is rudeness in restaurants on the rise? We’ve been very, very lucky and blessed at TGS and we dare say we’ve got the best customers in all of Singapore. We enjoyed this article by Rachel Cooke nonetheless – there’s a lot more to every service staff’s story.

A female dog nurses her younglings, meanwhile the fleas are having a party

That would make a good opening line for a book we hope to write someday. In truth, when someone says “Flea Spree” that’s the imagery that gets conjured up. Or maybe it’s just me, I’m a weird old Slug.

Mothers Day cover pic

Rest assured, neither canines nor their fleas will be present at The Garden Slug’s Flea Spree. We’ve professionally reserved the former and the latter for the vet and pet shops next door and next-next door…


Last couple of days to bundle up a sweet array of gifts for the first lady in your life.
Mothers Day display pic < — gooey puppy-dog eyes are compulsory when presenting gifts to any mother

We’ve got a plethora of unique, made-from-the-heart gifts for fleeing & spreeing:

• reusable, recyclable KeepCups
• aromatherapy oil burners by Frangipani Creations
• organic soaps made by rose farmers in Bandung via sustainable living advocate Daughters of Tomorrow
• purses, hairpins and five-stone sets made by up & coming entrepreneurial young women in India, also by DoT
• canvas totebags – made of environmentally-friendly, unbleached canvas by Scook & Blessing Home
• wines from Sommerton
• ultra-soft comfort-fit t-shirts designed & manufactured by yours truly

Mothers Day poster

Some proceeds of the Flea Spree will go towards building a sustainable living for underprivileged women, animal welfare, and support of the local arts. Because we want to be a business that gives back. Or at least we try to be lah, and we’d like to try even harder in the weeks, months and years to come.

Us Slugs huddled together and got our Mums greeting cards, some soap, some wine, and “wrapped” them up nicely in a practical li’l totebag. Think some of your Mums will like these heartfelt, heart-made gifts too? Tell us when you see us k! xx

Mothers Week specials are available from today through the week. Foodporn channels: Tw / FB / IG

Throwback Thursday: reviving a monster called Knickerbocker Glory

Once upon a time, we made a knockout dessert called the Knickerbocker Glory Sundae.

Have you ever seen someone cry in front of a painting? We’ve seen people cry, no – wail and weep, at the Knickerbocker Glory.

Actually it was only the Bar Slugs who wailed and wept at having to prepare this everytime someone ordered it lah. It was a mission and a half to make each one of these beasts…

Knickerbocker Glory Sundae
…because it comprised only sixteen layers of vanilla gelato, peach Melba, almond stracciatella, sea salt dulce de leche, jaffa truffle bar, with a dollop of chocolate whiskey cream, and… you guessed it, more vanilla gelato.

This week we revive the monster by sticking something up its gelato, revamped the ingredients and renamed it the Knickerbocker Glory Mega Sundae Popsicle
dessert special: knickerbocker glory mega sundae popsicle
dessert special: knickerbocker glory mega sundae popsicle

made with layers of miso toffee, chocolate fudge, vanilla bean gelato & roasted nuts
dessert special: knickerbocker glory mega sundae popsicle

paired with trusty twin sidekicks – strawberries dipped in white chocolate and crushed pistachios
dessert special: knickerbocker glory mega sundae popsicle

Available from today until next Tuesday, or while fresh ingredients last.

Are you up for a Knickerbocker Glory challenge? >:-) Post your feeble attempts on Instagram and remember to @thegardenslug. Heroes will be glorified and rewarded with a week-long supply of Nutella Iced Chocolate.