Law & Order @ The Garden Slug

A Telok Kurau resident named “Law” has written to us a couple dozen times throughout the past year, warning us and our dear customers to be mindful of traffic rules and fire safety.

“Law” tries to get their message across by posting comments on many of our blog posts. To a large number of bloggers and readers alike, this would be considered spamming.

We thought we’d let “Law” have their own blog post, once and for all, to get their message out to the “public”, as they have undoubtedly put in countless hours in front of the computer working on the behalf of all the other kind and wonderful residents of Telok Kurau.

We reproduce Law’s message here in full.

Should any of our dear readers and/or diners like to exchange helpful traffic tips with “Law”, they can be contacted at the following e-mail addresses:

Name: Law | E-mail: |

Dear folks,

My apologies for any inconvenience caused.

If you are driving to the Garden Slug at Telok Kurau for a meal, be mindful of parking along the roads in the residential area. Many cars have been found booked by the traffic police. The residents actively report all traffic situation to the relevant authority (i.e. traffic police and neigbourhood police). You may be lucky, once or twice, but don’t count on your luck too much.

The issue here is fire safety. Think of a building and why common corridors must be cleared for emergency. Indeed, long before this restaurant appeared, the fire authority have the foresight to install fire hydrants at the end of several lanes at Lorong L for fire engine services. Thus these lanes are fire engine access drive way; if a fire were to break out and the fire engine failed to arrive on time at the scene, because of vehicles blocking the road, innocent human lives would be lost.

On these roads where the fire-hydrants are located, there are single and double law enforcement (yellow) lines. Depending on the road situation (e.g. if too many cars lined the road), you may also be booked on single lines after 7 pm and on Sunday.

However, the (cash-card) car-park at Bright centre is really dirt cheap (honest), considering that you can drive all the way to have a meal at the restaurant which could easily cost you tens of dollars. Alternatively, if you feel that paying for parking is unjustified, you could ask the friendly proprietors (Joseph and his colleagues) of the restaurant for a parking refund as part of their Good Business Practice approach..

Have a good time but be mindful of the residents over there.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Bright Centre

“The (cash-card) car-park at Bright centre is really dirt cheap”, says Lawandorder.

Celebrate Christmas with Us!

2007 Festive Menu – Available 20-27 December


~ Light Cream of Grilled Button Mushroom & Barley soup ~

~ Warm basket of crusty bread with slab of cold Belgian butter ~

~ Greek salad with smoked Turkey, tangy cranberries, feta cheese and sweet tomatoes. Dressed in multigrain vinaigrette ~

Choice of Main Meal:

– Yuletide Lamb stew in a rich sauce of boiled down tomatoes, pears, & pomegranate juice

– Good Ol’ Australian Ribeye steak rubbed in herb & olive oil. Topped with juicy buttered mushrooms

– Warm Tender Turkey slices in a herby cream sauce, served with cool sweet cranberry dip by side

– Incredibly tender Buttermilk chicken breast with chunky apple sauce

– Half-rack Babyback ribs with hickory sauce & grilled peaches by side

– Battered Ocean Hake with seasonal pink cranberry tartare dip

All mains served with hand-made Holland Potato mash


~ Wine marinated berries and such, topped with a scoop of Hand-churned

low-fat Vanilla gelato ~

$40 per guest

$46 per guest with glass of House Red/White Wine

No GST, No Service Charge, No CESS

Menu available for download here [ PDF / MS Word ]

Advanced booking strongly recommended 🙂

9 months

christmas 2006 don't ask why sharon has no eyebrows. just don't ask.

9 months older we are

And in a few months, it’ll be our first anniversary.

In the beginning, the three of us worked 14-hour shifts everyday, from opening to closing, seven days a week. We also had our friends David and Elaine, to whom we are eternally grateful, help us out during the mad slams.

Then we decided that Tuesdays shall be our day of rest. Two menu revamps and several hairstyle changes later, we now have two good boys Chris and Michael helping us out.

We thank you for your kindness, generosity and support. You are what keeps us going!

it has been a fortnight

… since we took our last break. So it’s time again, to make a booking at the massage parlour and the physiotherapist down the road.

We be closed tomorrow Tuesday 23 Jan 2007.

If you’re having a sudden Pumpkin Prawn Pasta craving, we might not be able to do much about it. But other than that, we’re still contactable through e-mail and mobile phone.

Joe 90064163

Soph 98443669

Sharon 92257913

See you again on Wednesday. Toodles! 🙂


Just a few of our menu items. Pop by to see what else we have! Or, download the full menu here. (Thanks for the photos, Mandy!)

gree salad

Greek Salad – Imported greens tossed with fresh tomatoes and generous chunks of feta.

Zesty beef salad

Zesty Beef Salad – Tender strips of Sirloin sitting atop chilled salad leaves. A zesty dressing of lime, fresh chillies and herbs adds an interesting dimension.

Smoked salmon and dill

Smoked Salmon and dill – on ciabatta served with vegetable sticks. Cut into bite-sized fingers upon request 🙂

roast beef, mozzarella & buttered mushrooms

Roast beef, mozzarella & buttered mushrooms – on panini served with chips

the garden slug rustic bolognese

Rustic Bolognese done The Garden Slug way – A light tomato sauce created with minced beef, carrot slivers and herbs. Topped with grilled zucchini bits.

easy chicken ratatouille

Easy Chicken Ratatouille – Oven-baked chicken chunks with a myriad of vegetables – Capsicum, carrots, potatoes, zucchini… Slab of crusty bread by side.

2-Brownie popsicle

2-Brownie Popsicles — Best way to enjoy your brownie without the mess – on a stick!

strawberry cheesecake

Strawberry cheesecake. Pick a cheesecake topping – strawberry, blueberry, peach, chocolate, digestives.

pear william

Pear William – Stewed, ripened sweet pears sauteed in white wine and cinnamon, topped with hand-churned Vanilla gelato.

comfortable food at The Garden Slug

Download the full menu here