specials for the week of 16 Oct 2015

TGS Specials from 14 Oct 2015
NEW specials for the week are out..!

☝☝ Our featured item is the Golden-battered Sotong Tempura, served with salted egg mayo. Makes a great beer snack, especially because we are offering a 1-for-1 on Barcelona’s own Moritz golden bubbly beer all week — no need to wait for happy hour!


☎ Call 86888575 to book a good table ahead of other sotongs
Easy online booking
Operating Hours:
Mon-Thu 6pm-10.30pm
Fri 11am-10.30pm
Sat, Sun, PH 9am-10.30pm

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Free wifi AND 1-for-1 beers!


⚶ ICYMI we’ve always provided free wifi. The current password is “sharinghappyness” without the inverted commas.

☝☝ Also, every Wednesday & Thursday from 6pm, we buy you one beer for every beer you order. #savewaterdrinkbeer

So there. Free wifi and 1-for-1 beers. Now you can spend more time on Instagram and continue ignoring your drinking buddies. ☺


☎ 8688-8575 / ☑ Easy online booking
Operating Hours:
Mon-Thu 6pm-10pm
Fri 11am-10pm
Sat, Sun, PH 9am-10pm

♡ IG @thegardenslug | ♥ FB fb.com/thegardenslug

Our new “tablet” menu — thinner & lighter than any iPad Air

Introducing — our new “tablet” menu!

Thinner & lighter than any iPad Air. Made with cascading styled sheets (of paper). Super HD quality, so realistic that you can thumb through the pages and feel it’s paper-like texture!

OK, in all seriousness…

We’ve kept most of your favourite dishes (yes, Three Little Pigs still there), and removed a few that were a little too sluggish for our liking.

/photo © @chillipadi84
photo © @chillipadi84

Our new menu now comes with glorious foodpr0n pics printed in full technicolour splendour.

Peruse the new menu in its full glory here.

Are you into caress-my-bare-wrist-slowly-with-a-rusty-blade sort of music ?

“Listening to Jaime Wong is like sitting down across a close friend somewhere by the water. You’re drinking beers, maybe, looking out at the view, and something in your heart clicks open like the latch of a door. It’s a quiet sense of contentment, a feeling of certainty that you couldn’t be anywhere else, and an immediate connection with the person right before you. You stop. You listen.”

photo © Jaime Wong Music

☹ We’ve had “Skin” on repeat and now all we want to do is crawl on the floor and weep for days. And that’s a good thing. Because it pretty much sums up Jaime’s immense talent in writing about life, death and love (or the lack of it). (((Mostly the lack of it…..)))

photo © Jaime Wong Music

☔ If you’re into caress-my-bare-wrist-slowly-with-a-rusty-blade sort of music (not an exaggeration), this Friday evening is the time to indulge your week’s worth of pent-up emox-ness.

photo © Jaime Wong Music

Reminiscent of Bic Runga in her earlier darker days, Jaime performs originals, covers, all by herself, on a dim patio, with faint drumbeats provided in unison only by each of our broken foolish hearts, under some lonesome stars.

☰ Friday 5 June, 8pm ☰
☰ Café Kapok (111 Middle Road, National Design Centre) ☰

photo © Jaime Wong Music

★ Venue kindly sponsored by kapok singapore
☆ Drown your sorrows in whiskey, wine, coffee, beer by Café Kapok
★ And if you can still bring yourself to eat amidst all that emo-ness, Dough Empire and The Garden Slug will be popping up there to provide napkins for tear-drying and nose-blowing, and perhaps once we’re done bawling our eyes out we might cook some food, too.

☎ Call 6694-2943 or e-mail cafe.ndc@ka-pok.com to book a good table where nobody can see you sobbing your heart out

♬ More about Jaime Wong: Official Website | Bandcamp