Happy Valentine’s / Galentine’s / Palentine’s

Last updated on Feb 11, 2018

While most people think an attractive person makes their hearts beat faster, the opposite is also true — people whose hearts are beating faster might be more likely to find you attractive.

What does this mean? Time to make like Katy Perry and get your heart racin’, in my skin-tight jeans.

Be BAE (Basic And Exciting)

  • ☒ steer clear of sunset watching, a trip to the spa, and long walks by the beach. Because srsly is damn Zzzz pls…
  • ☑ consider instead: an exciting movie (Black Panther, anyone?), theme parks, bicycle rides
  • ☺ a surprise dinner at a dubious location. HOW SUSPENSEFUL! HOW THRILLING!


  • ☑ think of lines that get the other person to talk about themselves in a creative, fun, and unusual way
  • ☑ mimic (within reason.. dun be annoying ok) the way they sit, how they use their hands, their speech patterns, their facial expressions
  • ♂ for men: if you are good-looking and successful, downplay your successes. Why? You don’t want to look too perfect, coz you’d end up being categorised as “too good to be true”

Dare To Bare the largest and most attractive part of yourself: your soul

ok la, enough drivel. as much fun it is to pretend we are lurve gurus, we also have KPIs to meet.

Our regular in-house menu is available throughout V Day. i mean, if you’re dining with your true love, you should also be able to have the dishes u truly love amirite? ^_^

however, if you feel like having an “out-of-menu” experience, we do have a special Valentine’s menu prepared!

♡♡ p/s: 1-for-1 alcohol (beer, cider, wine, cocktails) all day long on Wed 14-FEB, 11:00AM-10:00PM, as long as you order any V Day set, or as long as you start off with any 2 mains from reg menu

♥ p/p/s: not an alcoholic? hopefully you’ve a sweet tooth! Cake of the Day on the house with order of any V Day Breakfast Lovers / Lovey Dovey Surf & Turf set, or for any 2 mains ordered

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