Us The Hippies love-live-music (one night only)

Last updated on Feb 5, 2018

Be serenaded through the night with classic and contemporary favourites with a twist! Our favourite acoustic duo ‘Us The Hippies‘ is back at TGS for one night only:

Saturday 10-FEB-2018 from 7:30PM

Mae’s warm timbre and Jude’s soulful guitar will make this a night to remember… if you don’t mind a derpy joke or two peppered throughout the set. You can call this part live band, part comedy special.

☕ Price of Admission: any 1 dish + 1 beverage (per pax) from our regular a la carte menu. Normal everyday prices, no “holiday surcharge”.

Make your reservation at online or call 63460504 to book a good table ahead of others.

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Update! We will be adding a lucky draw! Winner will win $100 of dining vouchers and instant VIP membership ^_^ #dunsaybojio

Update #2! This started out as a joke on Twitter but we’re taking Sarah up on her offer! If you watch anime (we don’t!) you might understand this throwing chocolates and running away thing…..

But either way is for good cause! WILL SARAH ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE?! Details TBC. If yes, we will add this to the programme!

Learn more about Love Kuching Project.

Update #3! SARAH’S GONNA DO IT!!!!11!!1

ok so we dunno if she’s gonna throw truffles at your face or not, but we can’t wait to find out mwahahaha

btw we’re starting our bid, er i mean, DONATION at $300. which means we are getting a Tier 2.5 sorta thing. if you would like to add to our donation (for the kitties!) pls text/whatsapp Aaron at 92257913. let’s see if we can collectively get Sarah to do a Tier 3!!! ^_^ <3

p/s: so we made a little selfie wall where you can make poses and gestures to tell ppl what “Love Is…” hahahaa

p/p/s: sekretly hoping y’all will do it while the band is singing just to annoy them. okbye