5 ways to make a better Mother’s Day

Brunch With Mum

Hello everyone who’s trying to suck up to their Moms this week! ☺☺☺ We made this for the Mama who loves a good, big brunch. Let her sleep in for once and surprise her with this extra special platter called ‘Brunch With Mum’. It’s normally good for 2 peeps. Or three, if y’all are really small eaters. Or just One. Very. Hangry. Mother.

‘Brunch With Mum’ features three sizzling, meaty sausages: German pork bratwurst, Mexican pork chorizo, and Italian chicken chipolata.

And that’s not all! It also comes with applewood-smoked bacon, Norwegian smoked salmon, creamy truffled scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomato, hashbrown and multi-grain toast.

Sweet Smexy Mum

SMEXY means “smart and sexy”. So now you know – don’t thank us. You’re welcome!

We’re giving it EVERYTHANG we’ve got with this one… For the Mama with the sweet tooth: it’s got cake, chocolate, cookies, strawberries and gelato. Get this for le mothership and all your past indiscretions might just be forgiven! (ok no guarantee, but you should at least TRY lah, hor??)

The ‘Sweet Sexy Mum’ dessert platter comprises a slice of home-baked Coffee Lovers Tiramisu Cake, sticky fudgey chewy triple chocolate Brownie Popsicle, cookie crumble, strawberry hearts filled with Nutella, cinnamon maple bacon roses, chocolate fudge sauce, strawberry drizzle sauce, and a generous scoop of vanilla bean gelato. Good for 2-3 persons to share.

Munch With Mum

For the Mum who’s always got the munchies!

This ‘Munch With Mum‘ special picnic platter is a big one that includes Southern Fried Chicken with cumin, Parmesan-crumbed fish, golden-battered calamari, bacon-wrapped shrimp tempura, duo of golden potato & sweet potato fries, keropok ikan (traditional fish crackers), and a delightful medley of tartar, bahn mi and rosemary-vinegar dips.

For all of the above platters, you can opt to add on ☕☕ two hot Americanos (the coffee, not the human) or two fresh-pressed OJs (the juice, not the human), and we’ll throw in a complimentary ⚘ rose-scented candle, too!

Available 9-22 May 2017

· To make a reservation online, go here. Or you can call 6346-0504 during operating hours
· To have these scrumptious platters delivered to your doorstep, click here and then click on ‘Delivery’

All-Natural Rainbow Cake

What better way to bring happyness and colour to others than with an All-Natural Rainbow Cake.

⛒⛒⛒ No artificial colouring and no synthetic flavouring used here. You’ll find six pastel layers patiently and gently dyed with our handmade purées of blueberries, matcha, tomato, citrus zest, lemons, and beetroot; each layer frosted with our own unique yoghurt cream cheese recipe.

THE COLOURS ARE VERY, VERY GENTLE – gentle to your eyes, your belly and your soul – because it’s all natural. They are not lurid, and they do not look like neon lights.

Taste the difference, be good to yourself, because you deserve the REAL stuff.

Ultimate Chocolate Cake

1.) Want to get sore throat so you can take MC?
2.) Looking to get nosebleed bcoz veh long neh nosebleed alr? (ikr WTF?!)

Look no further. The Ultimate Chocolate Cake will do both tricks for you. You can sore throat AND nosebleed at the same time. But more important than your own selfish needs……


3.) you have a mother who really really REALLY loves chocolate

this is the cake to get.

This luscious cake is made with layers of decadent dark chocolate genoise and chocolate frosting, topped with mocha truffles and dark & white chocolate cookie crumble.

Both cakes are made to order at our bakery concept Dough Empire.

While we normally require 5 days’ notice, this Mother’s Day fortnight only (9-22 May) all we need is 24 hours‘ notice and you can get a 600g Ultimate Chocolate Cake and/or 600g All-Natural Rainbow Cake, both topped with oodles of fresh strawberries (the fruit, not the millennial) delivered to your doorstep. We might also have them by the slice in-house.

· To pre-order these cakes online, click here and then click on ‘Delivery’
· To pre-order for dine-in or self-pickup, call the store at 6346-0504 during operating hours

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