How to win a Singlish ‘Three Little Pigs’ in 2 minutes on an empty stomach

Aaron D’Cruz
April 26, 2017

Lemme ask you something.

Do you….
Hate taking part in dumbass quizzes?
Loathe giving out your email address, ’coz you know it’s only gonna result in us sending you more dumbass quizzes??
LOVE our artery-clogging 3 Little Pigs and wish you could be rewarded with something than just calories & guilt every time you devour it??? (perhaps something “intellectually”-rewarding that’s made of….hmm…. dead trees, maybe?)

If you answered YES to all of the above, then do this:

1.) From today until Sunday (30.4.2017), order your favourite hangover-curing Three Little Pigs on Deliveroo, Foodpanda, UberEats, Honestbee, or WhatToEat.

2.) On your delivery order’s “Comments” / “Allergy notes” / “Instructions” section, or wherever they might allow you to write something — make sure you type in or copy & paste this code-phrase:

I’ve ordered a 3LP and I want to win a 3LPLah storybook!

That’s it! As easy as 1 – 2 – 3 Little Pigs! (see what I did there…*snorts*)

[pic: excerpt from book]
Every order entitles you a chance to win a brand new copy of “The Three Little Pigs Lah” storybook by Casey Chen. Every day, five winners are picked and the prize is immediately packed together with your delivery order!

There’s no limit to how many times you can enter this lucky draw. As long as you
a.) order a 3LP via delivery, and
b.) enter the magic words in the Instructions/comments box,
you can stand to win again!
What this means is that the MORE you order… the BETTER your chances.

Where to order 3 Little Pigs:


(the first three service the Katong / Bedok / Geylang area, and What To Eat delivers island-wide

If you already get food delivered regularly, then wah, bonus lor!

Like Sondra P., one of Monday’s five winners, who sent us a pic and wrote:

The Three Little Pigs “Lah” is totally LOL! Enjoyed flipping thru the pages while huffing & puffing over my 3Little Pigs late dinner… after the kids went to bed, of course. P/S- I will gift it to them once they turn 18! Ha haaa!

SondraP 3LP letter
[pic by Sondra P.]
So, because this Sondra P. pecah lubang, now errone knows that other than a Singlish story book, lucky winners get a little bonus gift as well.

Yes, I meant the handwritten letter la… (how RARE is that in 2017, dude??). The $10 gift card is just a by-the-way thing, pfffft.

Order Three Little Pigs today

from any of these deliverators:


Five lucky persons PER DAY stand to win:

✔ A copy of “The Three Little Pigs Lah” by Casey Chen

✔ $10 coupon code from Dough Empire

✔ painstakingly handwritten letter from yours truly

Giveaway ends April 30, 2017 9:30pm SGT. Prizes awarded daily.