How to get 3 Little Pigs (actually, no, it’s 12 Little Pigs) without huffing & puffing



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Part 2 of the Three Little Pigs giveaway has now begun (24 – 30 April 2017). Scroll down to read about how you can participate in Part 2. Prizes given out daily!

Aaron D’Cruz
April 19, 2017

My stupid friend asked me:
”Hey you Big Fat Lazy Slug… whatcha doing this weekend… SLUGGING OUT?? hahaha…”

IMMEDIATELY I did two things:
1.) I slapped him in the mouth
2.) Replied, ”I’m working a 12-hour shift dumbass. And when I have a spare minute, imma crawl into the storeroom under the staircase and count how many storybooks I overstocked last month.”

This Fat Slug may not know what a ”Diet” is but I sure as hell know how to over-order. And that includes books, too, apparently [eyeroll emoji]

Let’s cut to the chase, Young Slug-ling. After all, you’ve only set aside 45 seconds to skim this. Help me find a good home for these brand new storybooks before Cowboy uses them as bedding and/or a scratch-post.

I want to give away a special book called ’The Three Little Pigs Lah”!

This is a book that’s close to our cholesterol-filled hearts. Because it involves talking animals, drama and tragedy that would put any Korean tv series to shame. Plus, it’s written in full-on Singlish!

But Sluggieeeeeee… that’s hardly a giveaway worthy of my 45 seconds!” you annoyingly retort..

For starters, the winner of this giveaway will receive 1 x signed copy of ”The Three Little Pigs Lah” storybook AND a voucher for 2 x Three Little Pigs (yes, that awesome breakfast dish).

I can already hear you starting to whine: ”But but but that makes it 9 Little Pigs! You are misleading your customers!”

I hear you Young Slug-ling. You’re correct… and your P1 Math teacher will be very proud.

Hmmm… well it juuusssttt soooo happeeennnnss this Fat Slug over-stocked a grand total of 37 copies of ”The Three Little Pigs Lah”… *winces*

OK, pay attention.

This giveaway is two parts:
PART 1.) Where there can be only one…

…winner of the signed copy and 3LP dine-in vouchers. Participate by answering a simple question below (scroll alllll the way down), and voila! You’ll the know the result by Mon 24 Apr 2017, 3:00pm.

PART 2.) is for those who answer YES to the following 3 questions:
✔ Hate taking part in dumbass quizzes?
✔✔ Loathe giving out your email address, ’coz you know it’s only gonna result in me sending you more stupid quizzes like this??
✔✔✔ LOVE our 3 Little Pigs and wish you could be rewarded with something MORE than just calories & guilt every time you order it??? (like, dead trees?)

Then do this:
From 24th-30th Apr 2017, order our 3 Little Pigs on Deliveroo, Foodpanda, UberEats, Honestbee, or WhatToEat. Every order entitles you a chance to win a brand new copy of ”The Three Little Pigs Lah” storybook by Casey Chen.

And! On your delivery order’s ”Comments” / ”Allergy notes” / ”Instructions” section, or wherever they might allow you to write something — make sure you copy & paste this code-phrase:

I’ve ordered a 3LP and I want to win a 3LPLah storybook!

We’ll pick a few winners each day and pack the book together with the delivery order! And we’ll keep doing it every day from 24-30 April or until we run out 🙂

There’s no limit to how many times you can enter this lucky book draw. As long as you
a.) order a 3LP via delivery
b.) enter the magic words in the Instructions/comments box
you can stand to win again!
What this means is that the MORE you order… the BETTER your chances.

So it’s come down to this…

You’re staring indecision in the face (kinda like that ”Blue Pill vs Red Pill” scene in The Matrix.)…
To try for PART 1 or PART 2 of this porky giveaway?

Well, guess what. PLOT TWIST! Bet nobody told you you could have BOTH the Blue Pill AND the Red Pill, right?? Nyahaha! If you swallow ’em both you turn into a purple cow. OK nvm, we digress.

Anyhoo… yes, you can participate in both. For PART 1: You may enter once, although, you may share as many times as you like. Each share or referral begets you another 3 entries! For PART 2: enter as many times as you wish.
All the best, Young Slug-ling!

The Chief Slug

P.S. This book is soldoutalmosteverywhere. This makes it a precious collectible!

P.P.S. If you are parenting a youngling, this book may not be suitable for children. If you don’t want them cussing in Singlish, hide it from them! Or pray that you won’t win!!


The Three Little Pigs Lah signed copy
signed by author Casey Chen!