Win a pair of tickets worth $264 to A Clockwork Orange @ Esplanade Theatre

“Funny, disturbing, frightening and thrilling… a masterpiece” — Daily Star

Honestly, we’re giving this away for Halloween because of the words ‘frightening’ and ‘horror’ in the blurbs. That’s how shallow we are. But also… THAR BE MUSKLES. WHO DOESN’T LIEK MUSKLES! Hurhur.


Start obligatory blurb…

This electrifying and testosterone-filled physical theatre ‘horror show’ exquisitely captures and transcends the spirit of Anthony Burgess’s original literary masterpiece, 50 years on from its publication.

clockwork hunk

A Clockwork Orange lures its audience into the glorious glass-edged nastiness of Manchester’s underworld. A playtime of orgiastic ultraviolence and sexuality, it is the story of little Alex and his Droogs in their battle against the tedium of adolescence.

clockwork orange

An unapologetic jubilation of the human condition, it remains as terrifyingly relevant today as when the book was published in 1962 and when the Stanley Kubrick’s film caused a stir in 1971.

… end obligatory blurb.

Admit it. You didn’t read a word and scrolled through the eye candy only.

So, if you’re into muscles, milk and guyliner – enter our horrific Halloween Giveaway – you might just win yourselves a pair of tickets worth $264 for the opening show on Wed 4 Nov, 8pm. All you have to do is answer one easy question, and share it with your friends.

clockwork milk

The contest closes on Halloween itself, Sat 31 Oct, 6pm. The Winner will be announced the next day, Sun 1 Nov at 10am-ish.

Click here to enter now!

Aside from that, if you were planning to get tickets anyway — HOLD YOUR HORSES — we can helpchu get it cheaper!

Simply drop by ours to pick up a physical copy of this flyer:
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Okay, that is all. Take part now. Byez.