Honey Lemon Lime -vs- Honey Orange Lemon Lime : who will win?

Guest post by the adorable Chong Yang Slug

Fit Food by The Garden Slug

Honey lemon and lime has always been a bestseller, one of the more popular drinks with its refreshing taste of sweetness and sourness. It’s tasty, the kitchen staff loved it, I loved it; it’s just a good thirst quencher.

Ye olde hot honey lemon lime
Ye olde hot honey lemon lime
U R old news now lulz
U R old news now lulz

Until now…. when two new contenders entered the competition – the Strawberry Basil and the Honey Orange Lemon Lime (and salt) drinks. Long stories short, Strawberry Basil isn’t the main focus of my tall (beverage) tale – it’s Honey Orange Lemon Lime (and salt).

Jeng jeng!
Jeng jeng!

By the way to side-track a little, I do find it ironic that for a place called “The Garden Slug”, we’re using salt in our dishes and drinks. That’s because salt is a desiccant.

What is a desiccant, it is a dehydrating agent. Now what does this have to do with slugs? 90% of the slug’s body is made out of water.

By pouring salt onto a slug, you perform a reaction called “osmosis” which would literally suck all the water out of the poor thing, killing the slug in an instant. In other words salt should be banned!

"By the way, is that sea salt?" asked the bourgeois.
“By the way, is that sea salt?” asked the bourgeois.

Okay now that I’ve satisfied my ADD let’s get back to the main topic.

Ever since Honey Orange Lemon Lime (HOLL) came into sales, it seems as if everybody drinks it nowadays, overshadowing the once popular Honey Lemon & Lime (HLL). What makes HOLL so special that HLL had failed to captivate its customers nowadays?

Maybe the inclusion of orange juice is the selling point for HOLL because it is an additional ingredient used. I swear that I’ve pressed so many more oranges ever since this drink was introduced into the menu.

Is it also because of the use of salt? Salt, if taken in moderation is healthy because without salt we cannot even function properly. Isotonic drinks are used to replenish the fluid and electrolytes lost in our bodies after doing strenuous physical activities.

This is also the period where The Garden Slug is “pandering” to the fitness junkies after all, what’s better than to create a couple of drinks catered to them.

C'mere you sexy thang

To actually talk about the difference despite both drinks having almost the same ingredients, they are both different in their own way. Honey lemon and lime is classified as a comfort drink, adding a nice taste to it while the honey orange lemon lime is an isotonic drink, considered to be a healthy drink for sportsmen/women.

So I won’t really say which is better, I still love my honey lemon lime anyways.

I guess people just want more value on their products. Orange and salt, who would have known.

-Ng Chong Yang

Chong Yang is an aspiring writer who works part-time at The Garden Slug. He is currently working on a collection of short stories that is slated to be published end of this year.

Look for the bicyclist logo on our main menu
Eh, go exercise a bit.. get your makan kakis together and cycle to The Garden Slug lah.

But cycle-cycle oredi confirm very thirsty one. You’ll need more than one drink for sure! So, your second Fit Food beverage* is on us.

You’re welcome ^_^


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