Tales of love, loss and laughter – the UN[SEEN] photo exhibit


A son. A daughter. A mother. A friend. An employee. A boss. A colleague.

The UN[SEEN] is a roving photo exhibit that depicts the lives of transgender people in Singapore, and provides a glimpse into their extraordinary journey to lead ordinary lives.

Their stories are diverse and these people congregate from all walks of life to be featured in this project.

Some of them lead muted, sub-par lives to avoid discrimination and exist alongside mainstream society, not quite blending in, yet not truly standing out either, for their overt gender ambiguity. Others choose to embrace their unique identity openly.

There will always be those who do not conform to societal norms of having a gender binary system, and these people will forever live in the shadows cast by prejudice and unfair stereotypes, but remember:

underneath those layers marred by misunderstanding is a family member, friend, or even a co-worker with their own lives to lead, just like you and me.


UN[SEEN] is brought to you by Break The Binary as a roving exhibition in Singapore.

After its much-touted soft launch success at Artistry, we are very much humbled and honoured to be the chosen home of UN[SEEN] for the next couple of months.






To view the complete collection, visit The Garden Slug during opening hours.

This exhibition is free for all.