Our most popular cake just lost 1,000g!

After much gnashing of teeth, clenching of fists, picket protests with fire & brimstone thrown in … *drumroll* we’ve added a 1kg option for the All-Natural Rainbow Cake!

And by “we”, we mean our alter ego Dough Empire dot com.

Okay fine, we’re prone to exaggeration. It gets lonely in the oven mmkay? There was no brimstone. Nor fire. Nor pickets. But there was plenty of something called “popular demand”.

The new slender 1kg All-Natural Rainbow Cake isn’t square like its chunkier siblings; it measures roughly 25cm x 8cm (10″ x 3.2″) and is packed in a clean, minimalist Swedish/Japanese-inspired box with a peekaboo window for.. well.. peeking.

New clean, minimalist Swedish/Japanese-inspired cake boxes   New clean, minimalist Swedish/Japanese-inspired cake boxes

Everything else remains the same. Same natural fruit dye, same natural greek yoghurt cream cheese, same low sugar content.

Special introductory price of $60 for 1kg option (u.p. $65) from now until 18 June 2014. Enter the code RAINBOWLOVE after the checkout screen for $5 discount on your All-Natural Rainbow Cake order.

All natural rainbow cake w light yoghurt cream cheese frosting

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2 comments on “Our most popular cake just lost 1,000g!
  1. atteruaL says:

    Why no longer selling sliced portion for your All-Natural Rainbow Cake…?

  2. Sliced portions still available as weekend specials sometimes at TGS ^_^ this post we’re talking about the sizes available at DoughEmpire.com !


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