An ode to the vegetarians, non-vegetarians and the dessertarians

This weekend the Shroomgasmic Platter returns! For all the fairies who keep missing out on it everytime it’s a special – we gots crazy good news for you: It’s now on the regular menu. Ho yes. You’re welcome.

Created by the very charming Jo-Anne “The Lady” Slug. We call her The Lady after Aung San Suu Kyi; if you ever meet her you’ll know why.
The Ultimate Shroomgasm

Also beat the crazy heat with a refreshing honey, thyme & mint tea. Drinking it while chanting “AAAAAAAAAA ZABENYAAAAA” is guaranteed to bring the rains. No srsly, do it. We’ll chant along with you.
Home-brewed fresh Mint, Thyme & Honey Tea

If you’re feeling jittery from the workweek’s madness, soothe thy soul with a slow-roasted potato & carrot vichyssoise. Yes, yes we know vichyssoise is typically served chilled but we like ours warm coz… HEY we’re Asian after all. CORRECTO?? This holy trinity should seal the deal and you’ll leave a very happy camper. If you’re a vegetarian.
happy bunny vichyssoise

Now we haven’t forgotten the non-vegetarians of the world. Yes, you know who we’re talkin about. The crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who stand by their meat in this age of ever-looming bearded vegan hipsters. This is for you ~ ★ The Garden Slug Mixed Grill ★ ~ In this platter, you will see the universe supporting your entire existence. Char-grilled ribeye steak strips, juicy lamb loin chops, herby bratwurst sausages, all regally sat atop our Real Rustic Mash™ with a token side of fresh garden salad.

Our ode to all the non-vegetarians out there. Photo © Da Ze Lee
Our ode to all the non-vegetarians out there.

Photo © Da Ze Lee

Photo © Kelvin Lee
Photo © Kelvin Lee

We haven’t forgotten the dessertarians either. Those of you who have a separate stomach for all things desserty. Take your pick from the last page of our regular menu, or try something different this week with our fudge-covered, almond-crusted not-too-cheesy vanilla bean cheesecake.
fudge-covered, almond-crusted not-too-cheesy vanilla bean cheesecake

The weekend bookings look clear but just in case, whip out your true Singapore spirit and book ahead of others. It is Mothers Day weekend after all, but you already knew that, right? Chope by phone 86888575 or Chope online.

For those who didn’t get the “AAAAAA ZABENYAAAAAA” reference.

The Lion King is about family. So, Happy Mothers Day ^_^