☆ New! Mushrooms, Meatballs, Masala and Matcha Madness

☆ New in our “Share Share” menu: Shroomgasmic Platter, “Totes Amazeballs!”, and B.F.F. (Big Fan Fries)
The Ultimate Shroomgasm
Totes Amazeballs!
Totes Amazeballs!
chunky cajun-spiced portobello fries
garmesan fries

Wash ’em all down with our all-day Happy Hour 5+1 beers & ciders, or try our new Passion Fruit Soda (made with real fruit), Iced Masala Chai, or a Slug Hulk Smash!!! (macho name for what’s really a frou-frou frothy matcha latte LOLZ!!)
Also. The booze special to rule all booze specials: Happy Hour All Day & All Night - 6 beers & ciders for the price of 5
Slug Hulksmash!!!
Slug Hulksmash!!!
sekret spice masala chai