Thank you Cynthia, Donny & little Toby for writing to us

It totally made our day ^_^

Hi Sharon,
This is the first time my husband and I are patronizing your cafe and I will like to take this opportunity to commend your staff – Thomas and Kuoh sing (I hope I got their names correctly) for their wonderful service to both of us and my beloved dog-Toby who was given a large bowl of water to quench his thirst and lotsa smiles!
It is heartening to know you have given them a chance to be in their service line because they are so well-suited for it! We can sense their willingness to learn and serve and they are so helpful!

Please do continue to give them the support and I guess the food is made much more delicious and my dining experience more enriched because they are here to serve us.

Will definitely return for another meals or meals with friends.

Keep up the good service!!

Lotsa love & woofs,
Cynthia, Donny and Toby… Woof!

© Cynthia, Donny & Toby
© Cynthia, Donny & Toby
© Cynthia, Donny & Toby
© Cynthia, Donny & Toby