Mar 5-9 specials: Ohm, zen, mushrooms, chai

If last week’s specials were all about booze & bacon, this week it’s all ohm and zen… masala chai, mega mushroom platter, pumpkin chowder, larb… that sort of thing.

Let us know if you enjoyed this week’s specials, coz we had a lot of fun creating them and giving each other smexy names 😛

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soup of the day: golden herb-roasted pumpkin chowder, by Wen Wu “Smexy Eyebrows” Slug
golden herb-roasted pumpkin chowder
Lightly drizzled w extra virgin olive oil & scattering of pumpkin seeds

share-share special: THE ULTIMATE SHROOMGASM, by Jo-Anne “The Lady” Slug (you know, like Aung San Suu Kyi? If you see her, you’ll know what we mean ^_^ )
The Ultimate Shroomgasm
The ultimate happyness medley of Mushroom Munchkins, Sichuan-peppered Shiitake Tempura, Grilled Portobello and Trio Mushroom Stroganoff Crostini. Served w TRUFFLE GARLIC MAYO for the ultimate shroomgasm!

all day brunch special: “I Larb You”, by Vun Kien “Heartbreaker” Slug
"I Larb You"
Thai-inspired minched chicken salad on sunny-side-up eggs, served w grilled mushroom duo & fresh garden salad by side

Addendum: Vun Kien Slug says he’s usually the “heartbroken”, not the heartbreaker! Ohkay… we’ll take his word for it….

OHM ZEN beverage special: Sekret Spice Masala Chai
sekret spice masala chai
Our daily 5pm tea break special which USED TO BE enjoyed by Slugs & Slugs only… If you wanted it you’d have to sign up to be a slug-slave!! Now is to be shared with the whole wide world. Le sigh. Enjoy.

All our specials at a glance
Mar 5-9 specials

Easter Egg for blog readers who read till the end!!! We haven’t done this in awhile!

So guess what?? Wah we have 3500 followers on FB?!! Unimaginable. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We feel like this calls for a celebration. But how should we celebrate??
3500 Facebook likes!

A mini contest? Haven’t had those in awhile. Okay a mini contest it is.

So we wrangled can has 7 x $50 cash coupons to give away. Essentially it is a bribe to get you to have a blind date or two with our rustic little online bakery, Dough Empire.
Bake Love, Not War
0) Go visit our cyberbakery (if you haven’t already) → Dough Empire
1) Answer seven little questions → Survey! Halp!
2) We’ll pick seven lucky weiners whiners winners and announce here next weekend!
3) Do something nice for someone today.

That is all!

If you like easter eggs, let us know in the comments >_< !