Feb 19-23 specials, and a pledge you should pledge

So today’s THE day. Pledge, enjoy our tiny discount, chuck your phone away and give your friends the attention they deserve! Or tell someone to Put It On Friend Mode and give YOU the attention you deserve ^_^

put it on friend mode x the garden slug

…’coz if you don’t.. US GANGSTA SLUGZ WILL COME AFTER YOU!! ….with their wimpy smartphones of coz. One word: STOMP. BAHAHAHAHA

In other news.

This weekend, the Three Little Pigs returns. We made a drink called The Garden Slut. Yes you heard it right, we’re not pronouncing it short-tongued-ly like half of this great nation does. Yes we know everyone makes fun of us so we’re like NAH YOU THINK IT’S SO FUNNY DRINK IT, DRINKKKK! Made up our own word “Garmesan” (garlic + parmesan hahaha!). Put Marmite in a pasta. And dropped a crowd-pleasing malted milk & sea-salt crème brûlée tart by the too-busy-baking-to-update-social-media Dough Empire. O what fun we have ^_^

Book us early so we can put you at a good table. Or reserve online with our shiny new online reservations thingamajig.

Let the foodpr0n begin!!
Three Little Pigs hash cheese egg bake

cocktail special: The Garden Slut

garmesan fries

Umami Marmite Pasta

malted milk & sea-salt crème brûlée tart

Feb 19-23 specials