Dylan & Joanne’s love story short film

Guess which little restaurant is in it! HEHE! That aside, touching story and very well-filmed.

Dylan & Joanne’s love story short film // Surprise from Alvinadeline & Co on Vimeo.

Dylan’s “love at first sight” face is epic! And we happen to think Joanne’s mum is sibeh chio (Joanne, don’t tell your Mum we said that. On second thought, OK TELL HER!) We remember poor Dylan having to drive up and down the street so many times just for that one shot where he passes by & reminisces in his convertible… LOL

In the past 7 years, we’ve been the background setting to one too many (okay, it’s never too many) first dates, first sightings, and hosted a number of solemnisations and wedding luncheons. We’re happy, honoured, humbled yet proud that an obscure little place like ours could be a part of your lives and loves.

Last year we wrote a long, rambling post on The Science of Romantic Love, and the year before we penned an original food-related love poem which we allowed all and sundry to steal. Generosity is our middle name.

This year we don’t have so much to say. Is it because 7-year-itch? Bahahaha

I guess all we want to say is thank you for loving us. We loves you too. Happy Valentine’s Day ♡ ♥