Jan 22-26 specialz: LE FIERY FLOATING LAVA MOLOTOV VODKA, Bistro Brunch Platter, sausages sizzle sizzle bang..

cocktail special: Floating Lava Molotov Vodka
floating lava molotov vodka

This will either cure your headache, or give you an even bigger one. Either way it’s good for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Party every day! Puh-puh-puh-party everyday!
floating lava molotov vodka
Created by the very handsome party-animal Arpit Slug (who is now trying to grow a goatee – if you see him let him know what you think, Goatee Yay or Goatee Nay???)

soup of the day: Light Cream of ABC

You wouldn’t believe what ABC stands for…………. Anion, Botato and Carrot !!!! Eh not I name wan hor, is the Young Slugs who came up with it. I know right, pengsan riiight, got these kinda Young Slugs……. o_O
soup of the day: country veggie chowder
Created by Kuoh Sin “ABC” Slug

share-share special: sausages sizzle sizzle bang

German pork bratwurst & chicken chipolata.
The Woodcutter & His Wife's Sausage Sizzle
Created by Wen Wu “Y U SO TALL” Slug

all day brunch special: the Bistro Brunch Platter to rule them all

Smoked bacon scrambled eggs, mini smoked salmon cream cheese choux burgers, mini buttery chicken pies, hashbrown, mushrooms & cherry tomatoesssss…..
bistro brunch platter
Created by Kuoh Sin “Dance Master” Slug

dessert special: Slow-churned Chocolate Gelato Tart
topped w colourful crunchy chocolate candy & campfire marshmallows.
slow-churned chocolate gelato tart
Created by Vun Kien “Y U SO EMO” Slug

Last but not least, SHARING HAPPYNESS PROSPERITY GIFT BUNDLE by our little baby social-enterprise-supportive side project Dough Empire.
Sharing Happyness 4-box Gift Bundle
Is for a good cause, and is good for you too. WHY you may ask?? Because hor, we dun believe in making pretty pretty things (too many ppl doing that oredi). Pretty things are full of sugar and colouring. And we believe in tough love – so you WILL NOT be getting a few things from us. Namely no artificial colouring, no artificial flavour, and less sweet/sugar. If you like having all these things then soz this is not for you lor.

If nothing else, enjoy Shireen “Resident Poet” Slug’s poetry

Consider the pineapple, that fruit with a crown.
How it becomes this wonderful jam when you cook it down.
Prickly huge pineapples that won’t quite fit the pot,
reduced to less than half, giving most pause for thot.
Who is the slug who slogs away, rolling his jam
pressing his pastry, buttery things for my iamb?
No matter that people say ’tis matcha ado
To make over a tradition or two.
What would we do without people like you,
O Joe.

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KTHXBYE and qing dong qiang gongxi fa cai everybardeeee