Diwali Specials

This Diwali, our focus is on family. In this here blog post, we shall attempt to introduce our Diwali specials, as well as our family of Slugs.

First, our black ★ star special: The Lambshank Redemption ~ by Wen Wu Slug

If Wen Wu Slug were a Native American, we would call him ‘The One With the Light Touch’. This week’s special main is exactly that – hearty yet not too heavy.

And now, a haiku if we may:
Browned. Slow-braised. Fork-tender.
Sweet root veggies. Italian herbs. Spiced red wine.
The Lambshank Redemption
What’s with the black ★ star? Nothing really. We just thought a black star looks pretty on a white page. ANYHOO.

Tea-time treat anyone? Or just a good appetiser for sharing & endless dipping.

things to share-share: pile of chunky seasoned potato wedges with a nice bowl of home-style tofu sloppy joe sauce, by the tall & thoughtful Tenniel Slug
Home-style Tofu Sloppy Joe Sauce w pile of seasoned chunky potato wedges
Disclaimer: has got nothing to do with Joe Slug or Joe Slug being sloppy. A sloppy joe is not Joe Slug.

soup of the day: mushroom lovers soup ~ by Jo-Anne Slug & Kuoh Sin Slug (no, they are neither lovers nor mushrooms. They are Slugs.)

Made with our favourite mushrooms + our favourite aromatics, and most importantly, made with love
Hearty mushroom chowder

Join us for a hearty all day breakfast special of a rustic Three-Cheese Quiche in handmade buttery crust, topped with oodles of smoked salmon ~ by Tenniel Slug
Three-cheese quiche (with mushroom!)
If you fancy having these three-cheese babies delivered to your doorstep or school or office for breakfast meetings, we have them easy-to-order at Dough Empire – our offshoot business that aims to Bake Love, Not War™ (so witty hor??)

Diwali isn’t Diwali without a super sweet dessert to go with. This week’s dessert special is the labour of love between three of our Young Slugs – Bonnie carefully crafting the tartshells, Stephanie whipping up the custard, and Arpit gently coaxing & coating the gulab jamuns.

dessert special: cardamon custard crème brûlée tart, paired w gulab jamun coated in white chocolate & crushed pistachio
Cardamon Custard Crème Brûlée Tart

They’re all available from today thru the week, limited portions made daily.

Lettuce know if you’d like us to reserve any one (or two, or three?) of the special dishes for you via our nifty li’l reservations tab. Or call our Slugline 86888575.

Oh, and if you would perchance visit our little retail corner, could we perchance guilt you into purchasing one of these sweet little handmade all-natural beeswax candles. Proceeds go to Daughters of Tomorrow, to help keep some sweet kids in school and their mothers gainfully employed.

May happyness fill your life, like the light of a candle that fills a room. Shine bright like a diamond, shine bright like a diamond..