One night only. Face your fears. 26 Oct 2013.

It has been awhile since we came up with a proper Halloween special. We hope this one will be especially meaningful, beyond the shock and horror of shock and horror. (geddit?)

We’ve teamed up with a bunch of bleeding-heart socialists whom we’ll name, shame, blame and flame at the end of this post.

There will be a spread of food by yours truly (halloween-themed, but still rustic and hearty, and definitely edible dunch worry), some freaks and strangers (can you tell we’ve been playing GTA V??) and possibly a whole lot of acceptance and camaraderie. We’ve wrangled up a limited number of early bird tickets until 15 Oct, so we suggest booking them seats before the late birds do (ok that doesn’t make sense but nvm).

Halloween 2013 mwahahaa

Not sure if u fit in? Call Andrew the High Priestess of Talking Pumpkin Heads to confirm 90113220.

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