WTF Lunch Menu

Relak ah, WTF = Wednesday Thursday Friday niah. We is PG-13 site hokay.

Come makan lunchtime any Wed, Thurs or Fri (11am-3pm — we know some of you have very extended lunch breaks hor myehehe dun worry we keep sekret for yewww) and in return, we’ll make you a fresh cup of soup and some garlic bread fingers on the house.

The soup on offer changes from week to week of course.

This week we’re offering a warm-the-cockles-of-the-most-hardened-heart roasted pumpkin & bulgur soup.
mint-infused roasted pumpkin bisque

Bulgur (or bulgar, for the vulgar) is sometimes known as cracked wheat. Or wheat on crack, yeah we like the sound of that *self-amuse*.
It’s a very good grain, with all the minerals and slow-release sugar and starch. I have no idea how else to explain this other than… well, just think of bulgur as couscous’ butch sibling. You get the idea.

ANYHOO. Just sharin’ the WTF love with ya. See you this week, so call me maybe 86888575 (or if you shy you can book on the line).
WTF Lunch Menu
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