homely homemade specials for the week of 17-23 July 2013

Is it possible to be inspired by a Minion? Is it not possible to be inspired by a Minion?

What a Minion lacks in physical stature, they make up for in charisma and derring-do. When one belts out Po-tay-toe-naaaaaah in the midst of a Ba-na-na repertoire, THAT, dear friends, is either a catastrophe or a stroke of genius.

And that’s why we decided to make potato chowder.


soup of the day: country-style potato chowder
Country Potato Soup

Made with the sweetest Holland potatoes and chunky roasted vegetables. The stirring and loud-sipping of which can only be the best soundtrack to today’s lovely, crisp weather.
soup of the day: country potato soup. With very chunky vegetables.

For this week’s things to share-share, Fit Food at The Garden Slug presents: our version of Magic Mushrooms a.k.a. stuffed portobello ‘shrooms

Our folks used to always say mushrooms are the “meat of the fairies” and we couldn’t agree more. The ultimate forest forager’s food, these beautiful Portobellos are big, meaty, earthy and – although mushrooms consist mainly of water – in terms of flavour they are gold, pure gold.
Stuffed whole portobello mushrooms w herbed balsamic & garlic infused olive oil

So what are our portobellos stuffed with, you ask?
Magic and mozzarella.
Lots of mozzarella.
things to share-share: stuffed whole portobellos + lots of gooey mozzarella w herbed balsamic & garlic-infused olive oil

all day breakfast special – Introducing: an egg white soufflé omelette named Snow White.
Snow White - soufflé egg white omelette stuffed w mushrooms
Stuffed with white button mushrooms, and served with lightly-toasted multigrain bread.

It is but a light and simple breakfast that reminds us to be kind to animals and minorities and to live happily ever after.

OK we’re running out of random things to say now. So we’ll just post the remaining pics of this week’s main, dessert & beverage specials. With a couple of rhymes from our resident poet Shireen Slug ^_^

I wonder what it means to call pork chops food for the soul
If the weak-willed and greedy human has heaven as a goal.
A dretful thing it is to have to inclinations to general sinfulness
Alas to be tempted and teased as well with specific hoisinfulness!
-Shireen Slug

special main: ‘Hoisinful’ Pork Chops with white wine sauce, tantalisingly sat atop rosemary-scented mash
"Hoisinful" pork chops in white wine sauce, atop rosemary-scented mash

To call a desserty beguiling thing like this ‘vegetarian’
is wily, disingenous and possibly contrarian.
For despite the berries, chocolate and unoffending pie
Like sinful pork or sausages, it makes the weak-willed cry.
-Shireen Slug

dessert special: a homemade milk chocolate pie crust
carefully stuffed w/ handmade yoghurt cheesecake, glazed w/ white chocolate sauce & strawberry salsa
homemade milk chocolate pie crust stuffed w yoghurt cheesecake

special beverage: home-brewed cinnamon & spice chai. Available hot/ iced/ by the mug/ by the pitcher.
Home-brewed Cinnamon & Spice Chai