Free drink for anyone in pink (hey it rhymes)

LGBTS: Lemon Grapple Berry Tea - Strawberry-friendly!

Why? Because we’re a bunch of multi-coloured red-blooded pink-hearted Slugs. Because we’re of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.
Because we believe that it gets better.
Because we support the freedom to love.

If you believe in the same, this is our little token of appreciation. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

All ya hafta do is come by in pink, and say “I believe in the Freedom to Love. Can I get one of your delightful li’l LGBTS beverages pleaze.” In one breath. Eh, at least we letchu abbreviate LGBTS liao leh.

p/s: BTW, you will get the whole “grape”, “lemon” and “strawberry” thing only if you’re from a certain generation hurhur. At least that’s what Joe & Sharon (read: Old Slugs) figured anyway. Le sigh.

ANYHOO. Juuuuust in case you’re not sure what “in pink” means, we shall illustrate. Warning: mindless drivel ensuing. You may leave this page now for more worthwhile foodpr0n.

Generally, it means come wearing pink clothing lah, hor?
Pink t-shirts!

And because we’re so zenloving & all-accepting, we love you all the same no matter what form of pink you come in.

Got no pink clothing but got pink hair like Mrs Chong? Also can!
Sharon Slug & Mrs Chong

Got no pink hair but carry a pink soft toy? Also can!
PinkDot Plushie & Sharon Slug's "carved hair"

Got a sweet ride that’s decked out in pink and nothing but pink?? Also can!
Rose's Bling'd-out Pink Thing

Rode the bus/ train/ taxi all the way to ours carrying a pink umbrella and/or pink balloons? Also can!
PinkDot 2011 - balloons and umbrellas

Got pink nose, pink ears, and trying to cover up a giant pink pimple with your index finger? We don’t care, as long as you’re wearing pink.
Sharon Slug attempting to cover up a hideous pimple

If you’re naturally bright neon pink even without a drop of alcohol in your system, like our Aussie cousins here.. please by all means get a couple more LGBTS drinks on the haus.
pink slug2pink slug
© National Parks & Wildlife Service / Michael Murphy

We think you get the idea by now. Pop quiz time! Two of these guys can get the LGBTS FOC and two cannot. Who can and cannot???? Can you guess?!?!?!
L-R: Joseph Slug, Bonnie Slug, Havard Slug, Bottom: Arpit