A female dog nurses her younglings, meanwhile the fleas are having a party

That would make a good opening line for a book we hope to write someday. In truth, when someone says “Flea Spree” that’s the imagery that gets conjured up. Or maybe it’s just me, I’m a weird old Slug.

Mothers Day cover pic

Rest assured, neither canines nor their fleas will be present at The Garden Slug’s Flea Spree. We’ve professionally reserved the former and the latter for the vet and pet shops next door and next-next door…


Last couple of days to bundle up a sweet array of gifts for the first lady in your life.
Mothers Day display pic < — gooey puppy-dog eyes are compulsory when presenting gifts to any mother

We’ve got a plethora of unique, made-from-the-heart gifts for fleeing & spreeing:

• reusable, recyclable KeepCups
• aromatherapy oil burners by Frangipani Creations
• organic soaps made by rose farmers in Bandung via sustainable living advocate Daughters of Tomorrow
• purses, hairpins and five-stone sets made by up & coming entrepreneurial young women in India, also by DoT
• canvas totebags – made of environmentally-friendly, unbleached canvas by Scook & Blessing Home
• wines from Sommerton
• ultra-soft comfort-fit t-shirts designed & manufactured by yours truly

Mothers Day poster

Some proceeds of the Flea Spree will go towards building a sustainable living for underprivileged women, animal welfare, and support of the local arts. Because we want to be a business that gives back. Or at least we try to be lah, and we’d like to try even harder in the weeks, months and years to come.

Us Slugs huddled together and got our Mums greeting cards, some soap, some wine, and “wrapped” them up nicely in a practical li’l totebag. Think some of your Mums will like these heartfelt, heart-made gifts too? Tell us when you see us k! xx

Mothers Week specials are available from today through the week. Foodporn channels: Tw / FB / IG