Tuesday Tip: The Best Things in Life ARE Free

by Mishal Slug

GSS. Voucher deals. Freebies. Are you one of those? Are you a … bargain hunter?
Is your mantra “the best things in life are free” ?

You’re prolly quite right. We get charged for water. We get charged for electricity. We get charged for wifi. BUT at least the air we breathe is free. And that makes it the best thing.

Things to do that wouldn’t cost a bomb, whether alone or with others:
• looking at the stars and learning the constellations
• catching up with an old friend
• visiting the public library & teaching yourself how to dominate the world
• writing your own epic biography

(p/s: Everything I know in my short life I’ve learned from The Simpsons.)

As a young person with all the world before me, it’s exciting to be livin’ la vida loca. But every now and then I tell myself to stop, breathe, let things go, and let the world go by for just a bit.

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