Music Mondays: MYMP (Make Yo Momma Proud)

by Mishal Slug

Wish you had a dollar every time your folks tell you to switch off your window-shattering music and march to bed?

Or never had the same taste in music with your mum?

There is hope, if you plan to salvage mama’s eardrums. Even if for a day.

Introducing: Make Your Momma Proud’s Back to Acoustics album.

Ya, that’s what MYMP stands for. Who woulda thunk?!

Soothing, soft, and perfect for breezy afternoons sipping masala chai by the patio, and definitely does no further harm to your folks’ eardrums, or whatever’s left of it of course.

Serenade your Mum like never before. Who knows, this might win you a “Get-out-of-Momma’s-wrath” ticket for the rest of the year (disclaimer: individual results may vary).

She may even forgive you for forgetting her birthday. Or Mothers Day. Which is just around the corner BTW. *hint hint*

MYMP is now playing in-store & available for purchase for a limited time.

Coming up in a few days: a Mothers Day Flea Spree from 1 – 12 May. Watch this space.