Tuesday Tip: Tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes

Quick ones today.

How to choose tomatoes: Skin colour and smell. The redder the better. As long as reasonably firm and not too squishy you’re good. And. A tomato should smell like a tomato. You know what tomatoes smell like, right? They smell like tomatoes.

Storage: Not in the fridge. Anything below 5°C destroys a tomato’s cell structure, taking along with it its flavour.

Free Recipe 1-Minute Breakfast ☆

Pile up in this order:
• Toasted bun
• Cream cheese
• Tomato slices
• Sea salt & pepper


1 minute breakfast recipe

OK so we lied. The toasting bit might take more than a minute – so don’t waste time. Boil water, make coffee, do last night’s dishes while waiting for the bread to toast.

1 minute breakfast recipe
photo © Sook Tan

Alternatively, pile it all up first and toast the whole lot like Slugphile Sook did.

Tomatoes grow well in warm climates. Hence, the best tomatoes come from hot countries. Tomatoes are something we particularly love not only because it adds wonderful flavour to any dish, they’re GREAT for our immune system & energy levels. We usually leave the skins on for the lycopene – one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants.