Throwback Thursday: ye olde Risotto & ye Three Little Piggs

On Throwback Thursdays we can either dig up old embarrassing old photos of ourselves, or bring back old favourites that you’ve been nagging us ceaselessly about. Naturally, we prefer to do the latter.

We’ve heard your plaintive cries to bring back the risotto “some time this century”. Sarcasm isn’t lost on us, dearie. And so here it is, available from today through the week. This time round, however, with a springtime twist – fresh seafood and spring greens.

Creamy Oozy Lemon Risotto w plump shrimp & soft white fish
Lemon risotto w plump shrimp, soft white fish & spring greens

We don’t make a lot of this each day, so book your tables early-early hor.

And then there’s always the requests for bacon. Anything with bacon. Ice-cream with bacon. Mocha frappuccino with bacon. Nutella with bacon. Bacon with bacon.

While we’re still R&D-ing all of the above requests, what we can do right now and for this week only – is to bring back an old (and almost cult) favourite ~ The Three Little Pigs

Smokey bacon, honey baked ham & herby bratwurst, baked with potato hash, and topped with egg and lots of mozzarella.
All Day Breakfast: Three Little Pigs - smokey bacon, honey-baked ham & herbed bratwurst baked in hashbrowns, gooey mozzarella and topped with two sunny-side-up eggs
Available from today through the week, or while stocks last.