Happy St Patrick’s Day ^_^

Happy St Paddy's

It’s greenish for St Patrick’s Day, a day for festive boozing
And Garden Slugs are never slow for fun and song and shmoozing.
Tho’ no sane Slug has ever kissed the blessed Blarney Stone,
There is no lack of yakety-yak or puns to make you groan.

So put your shamrock on your button, your green shirt on your back,
and hit the road to Lorong L for beer or meal or snack.
We cannot know if leprechauns will serve you at your table
But we will cook a yummy feast and feed you what we’re able.

by Shireen Lim (a.k.a. resident Poet Slug)

Shireen is full-time mother, gardener, cook, baker and ice-cream maker, and Part-Time Slug. She is also the proud owner of a bright orange bicycle.