An ode to Cinderella’s Golden Pumpkin Chowder

by Shireen Lim

mint-infused roasted pumpkin bisque

How the Chowder Came to Be:
Cindy’s souper Golden Pumpkin Chowder
From the insides of her fancy carriage
Her thrifty godma (who never ever takes a powder),
While the girlie danced and dreamed of marriage,

transferred quickly to a large-ish pot.
From a giant book of magick potions,
a book well-thumbed, though dog-eared not,
and stained with ointments and sticky lotions

-but I digress- checked up a sekret recipe
the original and one and only pumpkin chowder
made to please a hungry girl or three.
As the midnight clock chimes loud and louder.

As we stir the sluggy soup pot with a sekret smile,
We have a friend who has a friend who knows
A thing or two about magick, and serve with style
Godmother’s soup passed off as Joe’s.

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