this week’s specials and the launch of our Fit Food movement

fit food: mint-infused roasted pumpkin bisque

Fit Food?

Yesh, Fit Food.

It’s not about bulking up, it’s not about losing weight, it’s not about going vegan.

Or it could be if you wanted it to.

It’s very simply, eating well and eating right. The way our folks and our folks’ folks used to – in moderate amounts and with balanced ingredients. A mini movement of ours, so to speak, to encourage wholesome eating without compromising on flavour.

We’ll be incorporating Fit Food items into our regular menu next week, while introducing them in our weekly specials menu as well.

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We haven’t gone completely bonkers, there’s still going to be lots of wicked stuff to indulge in for the good days and the not-so-good days. So, this week’s specials – we’re featuring the healthy and the sinful. All in the name of balance? Bahaha

This week’s specials, available from today, all day, and possibly all week or while fresh ingredients are still in stock.
specials for the week of 22 Feb 2013


soup of the day: mint-infused roasted pumpkin bisque

Pumpkin bisque happens to be one of the most photogenic soups of all time, IMHO.

Here’s pumpkin bisque “aerial shot”.

mint-infused roasted pumpkin bisque

Here’s pumpkin bisque staring wistfully into the distance………

mint-infused roasted pumpkin bisque

And here’s pumpkin bisque, romanticised, for its “still life” debut.

mint-infused roasted pumpkin bisque

How is this Fit Food?

Other than “because grandma said so”, pumpkin has two words for you – beta-carotene.

Or is that one word?

Pumpkin pumps in the vitamins: A, B2, C, and E.

The mint we’ve infused into the bisque, while just a touch so as to be not too jarring, lifts the bisque for a bit of freshness.

Consider ordering a hot mint tea to pair with as a wonderful digestive…
Hot Mint Tea

Or a cooling, refreshing Iced Mint Tea. Also has healing properties.
Iced Mint Tea

all day breakfast / brunch special: Three-Cheese Quiche (contains mushrooms!) with balsamic-glazed stovetop tomatoes, and a simple garden salad by side

This week only – takeaway price is less than half of dine-in price.

So takeawayyyyyy

Limited portions available though, we won’t be surprised if they’re sold out before you can say “Three-Cheese Quiche”.

Three-cheese quiche (with mushroom!)

Cheesy Challenge! ~ If you can say “Three Cheese Quiche” 10 times in 10 seconds (!!!) we’ll give you 50% off the dine-in price.
Three-cheese quiche (with mushroom!)

If you VIDEO yourselves doing the Cheesy Challenge, upload it to YouTube/Vimeo/etc and send us the link, we’ll give you TWO Three-Cheese Quiches on the house. SRSLY. But yah, no one’s gonna take up the challenge one la. Pfffft.
Three-cheese quiche (with mushroom!)

special main: tender chicken breast fricassée on cumin-roasted ratatouille, topped w papadam crisps




How very French-Indian, no?

Fricassée ~ from the French fricasser ‘cut up and cook in sauce’ (probably a blend of frire ‘to fry’ and casser ‘to break’)

A fricassée is typically a dish of stewed or fried pieces of meat served in a thick white sauce. Our chicken breast is stewed (not fried! never!) until tender, and instead of white sauce we serve it on a bed of cumin-roasted ratatouille.

Chicken fricassee on a bed of cumin-roasted ratatouille, topped w papadam crisps

We make our ratatouille by stewing the vegetables in their own juices with very little oil (we use olive oil only), salt and pepper. This week’s fresh picks for the ratatouille: Tomatoes, capsicum, mushrooms, zucchini, french beans, onions and roast garlic.
Chicken fricassee on a bed of cumin-roasted ratatouille, topped w thin papadam crisps

Best of all – you can choose to have the papadam deep fried or not deep fried. How we get them to bloom crisply without deep-frying? ‘Tis a sekret we’ll keep to ourselves for now 😉

Ask to change the chicken to tofu to make this vegetarian.
Chicken fricassee on a bed of cumin-roasted ratatouille


Also available as a Takeaway Tray for the next potluck or office party you’re forced to attend. 65$/tray, feeds about 10 pax to share.