What’s So Special This Christmas

Available from today (Friday 21 Dec 2012) until Tuesday 25 Dec 2012.

special Christmassy soup: roasted pumpkin chowder with a hint of nutmeg

The trick is to add nutmeg. Anything nutmeggy = Christmassy.
Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Christmassy things to share-share: stuffed whole portobello mushrooms, with herbed balsamic & garlic-infused olive oil $14.5

“Stuffed with what?” you might ask. Stuffed with stuff lor. < – Grumpy Slug Answer.

But because today Grumpy Slug is Not-So-Grumpy, we’ll tell you. They’re stuffed with sweet corn, sweet tomatoes, sweet chestnuts and mozzarella cheese. Lots and lots of mozzarella cheese.
Stuffed whole portobello mushrooms w herbed balsamic & garlic infused olive oil

Oh-so-cheesy yet oh-so-delightful. Just like Boney M’s Christmas album.
things to share-share: stuffed whole portobellos + lots of gooey mozzarella w herbed balsamic & garlic-infused olive oil

special Christmassy main: A Christmas Medley $29.8

Let’s just say we’ve put all the naughty and nice on one plate. Sharing not recommended 😛
• Slow-roasted Turkey Breast Steak w honey & rosemary oil rub and spiced cranberry jus
• Milk-braised Pork Belly slab w spices and savoury caramel sauce
• Greek Salad w feta, stuffed olives, roasted Californian walnut chunks & tomato confit dressed in multigrain vinaigrette
• Cauliflower Gratin baked in caramelised cream, molten cheese & chardonnay sauce, topped w smokey bacon crisps
turkey breast steak medley

special Christmassy dessert: Petite Fours by Dough Empire® $13.9

Depending whether you’re a half-glass-full or half-glass-empty type of person, these are either all naughty or all nice.
• All-Natural Red Velvet Cake Pie stuffed w Philly cream cheese & raspberries
• Nutella Fudge & Malted Milk Crumble Tart
• Lemony Lemon Curd & shortbread, topped w crusted pistachios & more lemony lemon drizzle
• Tirami sù – layers of espresso-glazed vanilla genoise & light mascarpone mousse, topped w mocha bean fudge crunch
petit fours

And what is a bucket without the booze. Christmassy Booze Bucket
Bucket of 6 beers @ $47.5 (u.p. $57)
Bucket of 6 ciders @ $65 (u.p. $78)
Also. The booze special to rule all booze specials: Happy Hour All Day & All Night - 6 beers & ciders for the price of 5

It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it?

However. Today the sun’s shining, the music’s playing, the laundry’s spinning. The world doesn’t seem to want to end anytime soon, guess it’s safe to say we’re really, really looking forward to the new year.

Bonus Christmassy video! Boney M’s perfectly rendered Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord mashup. Of course back then it wasn’t called a mashup. Back then it also wasn’t weird to dress in candy floss and just stand in one row throughout the entire length of the music video. Not weird at all. Our favourite part starts from 3:45 ? ? ? ? Puffy hair + puffy jacket + tight pants = FULL OF WIN!