What’s So Special This Week

Just the usual suspects. A soup, a starter (what we like to call “things to share-share”), a main, a dessert and sometimes an alcoholic beverage that we think might wash down well with everything else.

So here we go, this week’s specials, available from today, all day, and possibly all week (and by all week we mean, um maybe until Tuesday or Wednesday or while fresh stock/ingredients last hor.)

soup of the day: Triple Mushroom Chowder, blended with aromatic herbs.

At TGS we have a saying – mushroom chowder should be made a staple. Only because the kids keep asking for it? And some adults too. Okay, most adults. ANYHOO.
Hearty mushroom chowder

things to share-share: Stuffed Whole Portobello Mushrooms with herbed balsamic & garlic-infused olive oil.

“Stuffed with what?” you might ask. Stuffed with stuff lor. <– Grumpy Day Answer.

But because today is not a Grumpy Day, we’ll tell you. They’re stuffed with sweet corn, sweet tomatoes, sweet chestnuts and mozzarella cheese. Lots and lots of mozzarella cheese.
Stuffed whole portobello mushrooms w herbed balsamic & garlic infused olive oil
This is one of the many items featured in our Homely Hearty Christmas Menu this year. If your office has firewalls in place and cannot view external links, e-mail us for a PDF, attachable version of the Christmas menu.

special Christmassy main: Fall-off-the-bone Tender Hickory Babyback Pork Ribs in a homemade barbecue sauce with gently caramelised peaches. Served on a bed of Real Mash™ with garden salad by side. Available by the half slab or full slab.

Fall-off-the-bone Tender Hickory Babyback Pork Ribs
BABYBACKSTREET’S BACK! Alright! For those who’ve been griping about why we took the babyback ribs off the regular menu. Nah. Here. Christmas menu. $65 for a whole tray niah. Eat until you happy.

Ask you hor, Christmas is like in another two weeks. Y’all not stressed meh? Must prepare this, organise that, buy these, order those…


This one is not in our Christmas menu but we just felt like making a tarte Tatin.

dessert special: caramel-roasted pear tarte Tatin, stuffed with crushed ginger crinkles & chocolate fudge chunks. Topped with a generous scoop of vanilla gelato.

“Simi si tarte Tatin?” you might ask. A tarte Tatin is a type of upside-down apple tart (in our case, we replace apples with pears) consisting of pastry baked over slices of fruit arranged in caramelised sugar, served fruit side up after cooking.

Also. Educational moment: Tatin doesn’t rhyme with a Malaysian Datin. Instead it rhymes with a French gratin. Ah that one you know right, coz always eat potato gratin.

Click here for le corright pronunciation of tarte Tatin |’tärt ta’taN| … It sounds like a Tabla drum beat. Tahh-tuh-ta-tang. Tahh-tuh-ta-tang. Tahh-tuh-ta-tang.
dessert special: caramel-roasted pear tarte tatin, stuffed with crushed ginger crinkles & chocolate fudge chunks. Topped with a large scoop of vanilla gelato.
Before placing each scoop into your mouths, just hum Tahh-tuh-ta-tang, Tahh-tuh-ta-tang..

This week’s booze pairing – Toffee! Apples! Toffee Apples! Can’t get more Christmassy than this already.
Brothers Toffee Apple Cider (4% ABV)



Since we’ve only mentioned this twice in this post. Let’s just do it one more time, for the road!
Christmas Menu 2012
Christmas Menu. Imagine. Turkey Breasts. Pork Belly Slabs. Angus Beef Cabernet Casserole. Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms. Tender Babyback Ribs. DRUNKEN Three Little Pigs. And desserts by none other than Dough Empire®.
All packed in sturdy, aluminium foil trays. Easy to transport, display, keep in the fridge for New Year’s, and dispose of. Early Bird Special extended to 10th December 2012 with the sekret code SLUGPHILES4EVA. Call/SMS 92257913 or e-mail justask@thegardenslug.com to order.

That is all. Time to harass them Young Slugs to put up our Christmas tree now. Till the next drivel-laden blog post!