The Case of the Missing Specials Blog Posts

The What: Weekly specials blog posts
The When: Recent
The Why: Missing
The How: Unresolved

Case Study:
We used to blog our weekly specials on Posterous, and boy did we love it. What made us fall in love with Posterous was the wonderful convenience of typing and attaching everything in an e-mail, click Send and voila — beautiful layout, auto-posted to every social media platform that had your name on it. It was a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL relationship. Then somehow, SOMEHOW after The Acquisition, things got a little wonky in Posterousland. Autoposts wouldn’t autopost. Scheduled posts wouldn’t schedule.

So we gave up grinding our teeth and moved our weekly specials to this here blog. That lasted a couple of months and then.. I dunno, we ran out of lame, completely-unrelated-to-food stories to tell. Think we somehow lost our blogging mojo. Dark times.

Not-so-sekretly, we’ve always been posting pics of the week’s specials on Facebook first. Sekretly, the photos would sometimes appear on Twitter before Facebook. Very sekretly (and only the hipsters know this), the-making-of and first badly-filtered shadows of the photos would appear on Instagram before anything else.

In our bid to make at least one New Year’s resolution before anyone else resolves to make resolutions – we’ll try to our very, darndest best to document our weekly specials here, week after week. (I know, I know, Yoda said there is no try, there is only do. But we try ohay, we tryyyyy…)

To make up for our lack of specials blog posts, this week we will feature not one but TWO foodp0rny pics per dish today. Generosity is one of our strong points *sagely nod*
Punctuation is not.


this week’s specials, available from today, all day, and possibly all week or while fresh ingredients last

soup of the day: country potato soup, with lots of chunky vegetables

You know what they say about vegetables. THEY’RE GOOD FOR YOU.

Pic 1 – Standard Aerial View
Country Potato Soup

Pic 2 – Pseudo-hipster Crop #nofilter
soup of the day: country potato soup. With very chunky vegetables.

Bonus Pic – Chunky Vegetables Exposé
Country Potato Soup

things to share-share: Pork Belly braised for 6 hours in milk & sekret spices, drizzled with a savoury caramel sauce, served ‘taco-style’ in between soft, white, pillowy steamed buns..

a.k.a. Kong Bak Pau done The Garden Slug Way. Except, not really.

Pic 1 – Standard Aerial Shot
things to share-share: Pork Belly slow-braised for 6 hours in milk & sekret spices with a savoury caramel sauce. Served "taco-style" in between soft, steamed pillows...

Pic 2 – The “This-Is-Why-We-Call-It-Foodpr0n” Closeup
close-up of today's things to share-share: milk-braised Pork Belly kiapp'd in between steamed pillows..
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special main: slow-cooked angus beef cabernet casserole, patiently stewed with juniper berries, roasted barley & chunky root vegetables

And by cabernet, we mean red wine.

Pic 1 – Standard Commercial Shot
Slow-cooked angus beef cabernet casserole

Pic 2 – Not-Much-Difference-Shot but we did promise you 2 pics each dish so there.
Slow-cooked angus beef cabernet casserole
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dessert special: Grumpy Apple Dumple. Filled with remorse, regret, and rum & raisin custard. And stewed apples. Served with a generous ball of vanilla gelato by side.

Joseph Slug’s logic: Dumpling + Pie = Dumple.

Grumpy Apple Dumple

Okay okayyyyyy Eagle Eyes, we didn’t keep our end of the bargain and only have one shot of the dessert. Dun liddat nah.

As per Slug tradition, those who persevere right through the end of our weekly mindless drivel are always, ALWAYS handsomely rewarded. You’ll notice our Early Bird Special for our Christmas Take-home Menu ends, like, tomorrow. HOW-EH-VER. If you quote this special code SLUGPHILES4EVA, it automagically extends Le Early Bird Special to 10th December 2012.

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Coming up next: Turkey Pr0n.