YY’s 21st Birthday recap

Noticed an interesting pattern lately. We’ve sort of become the go-to place for a lot of firsts this year. Baby’s first month, baby’s first birthday, and also twenty-first birthdays. (21st is still a first what.)

What we love are the sweet little things the Special Birthday Person’s friends do to make the day even more special. Things like: making sure everybody knows the party is thiz way pleaze.
thiz way pleaze

Making sure the place looks as cheery as possible
colourful balloons, cosy red wall

Some peoples spent A LOT of time painting and cutting this out by hand. Just like the old days.
handmade lettering <3

Us Slugs took a quick masala tea break while the Special Birthday Person’s Friends were making full use of the allotted Decoration Hour. MYEHEHE
TEATAIMMMM Masala Teaaaa

The main event for any celebration (for us, at least) is the food. So it was time to out the food, and thus the food was outed. Managed to get a quick snap of the handmade cornflakes crusted custard tarts before they were brought to the buffet table.
mini cornflakes crusted custard tarts

Then came the hot food. Seafood Pasta..
Seafood Pasta

Slow-braised red wine beef stew..
Red Wine Beef Stew

The Spread! There were mini salmon cakes, caesar salad, bratwurst, chicken chipolata, seafood pasta, beef stew, custard tarts, and a very large canister of peach cooler to feed fifty. There was also plenty of red wine going around.
The Spread

We were also pleasantly surprised by Special Birthday Person’s music playlist, which included Roxette, Michael Jackson and quite a few other ubercool ’80s and ’90s tunes.

We were completely charmed that YY’s grandmother was a big part of the celebration too. Hope to catch all of you again real soon, thanks for celebrating with us.