specials: old-fashioned onion bisque, bacon-wrapped chicken roulade, blackcurrant-loaded cheesecake scoop

this week’s specials, available from today, all day, and possibly all week or while fresh ingredients last

This week, since we posted the specials pictures everywhere else before posting them on this here blog, we shall include some choice comments from our lovably cheeky, social-media-savvy Slugphiles. (Saves us from having to come up with non-food-related drivel for this week’s post! Aha! *chants victory chant* *self-amuses*)

soup of the day: old-fashioned onion bisque, served with cheese bread fingers
old-fashioned onion bisque

Upon spying with his eye (dunno which eye lah hor) our sweet, innocuous soup of the day, only Ali can come up with something like this:

Of course we have to “like” it. Can’t help liking this cheeky fella and all his cheekopek cheeky comments. Ali, you brighten up our days, nights, weekdays, weekends, public holidays, etc etc etc.

special main: bacon-wrapped chicken roulade, served with egg-stuffed potato jacket
Patiently, very patiently tenderised, rolled, wrapped, scooped out and stuffed in by our new hot young Malaysian cook, Vun Kien (photos to come some time soon. He is Le Shy.) Sometimes referred to as “The Malaysian”. Like as if he is THE only Malaysian in the shop. But nevermind that. Moving along.
bacon-wrapped chicken roulade

To which Nic replied:

The clothing references weren’t intentional!! >_< But srsly we all LOL’d when we read this, Nic. Thanks for giving us a good masala teatime laugh ^_^

You’ll find out about the pyjamas in a bit.

dessert special: scoop of blackcurrant-loaded cheesecake on biscuit crumble crunch
with piping hot peanut butter & banana popiah pyjamas by side, plus a generous scoop of vanilla gelato
scoop of blackcurrant-loaded cheesecake

Scooped cheesecake. Who does that?
The Garden Slug lor.

scoop of blackcurrant-loaded cheesecake