Curator of Curious Things

Last week we were blindfolded and brought to a dark, dingy little shop called mani•cur•ious. Everything in that last sentence is true, except for the blindfold bit. And the dark, dingy bit. And.. um, maybe it was two weeks ago.

Anyhoo. Mani•cur•ious is not a curio shop but more like a curious little shop that curates curious little things. Kinda sorta. O aren’t you impressed with our wordsmithyness. And they also do manicures. Get it? Mani-Curious! 41 Beach Road, that’s where they’re at.

What were we doing there? We made some food and assembled them on shiny trays. This sort of activity is known as “food catering” in some parts of the world.

In first world countries, food catering activity is usually supported by a deluge of colourful photographs, also known as “food pr0n”. Unfortunately Chris Slug is a lousy iPhotographer. We just coined that word a minute ago. An iPhotographer is someone who takes photos using an iPhone. We so witty *chucklesnorts*

Anyhoo. No combination of photo-editing iPhone apps could save these pictures, but we did our best. Increase Exposure > Saturate > Vignette Blur. Voila! *self-amuse*

Catering enquiries go straight to a Slug Robot called “Auto-responder”, so you’ll know your e-mail was well-received. Or well, received. Eventually the e-mail does reach the eyes of Chris Slug and he swears on the life of his iPhone that he’ll respond as soon as he can. Which means in one or two working days. And by working days we mean normal people’s working days (like, Monday to Friday those kind).