specials: cream of carrot & coriander, XO pasta, and sticky toffee glazed cake

this week’s specials, available from today, all day, and possible all week or while fresh ingredients last

The theme for this week is ginger. Ginger was the name of my first dog. Actually no my first dog was named Thunder. I named it when I was two because I liked the sound of the word “thunder”. It was the greatest word I’d ever heard. So I’d go “THUN-DAAAAAAAAA!! C’MERE THUN-DAAAAARRRR!!” It passed away after only a few months. My Dad would say it came and went quickly, just like its namesake.

These days I much prefer the word “cellar door”. It is apparently the most beautiful word in the English language. Although, it might be a strange name for a pet dog.

Back to ginger.

soup of the day: cream of carrot & coriander, with nutmeg, Moroccan-styled preserved lemon and rustic chunks of potato
cream of carrot and coriander

Confession: There is no ginger in this soup. These soups of the days, just ‘coz they have their own Flickr set and all, think they’re all that and a bag of chips. So they quietly rebel against any weekly themes, simmering away in their soup pot, sekretly huddle and stew together to plot the next anti-theme uprising. So that’s why there’s no ginger in this week’s soup even though this week’s theme is ginger.

special main: pasta tossed in our homemade XO sauce with juicy, caramelised shrimp, topped with ginger hay
pasta tossed in homemade XO sauce & caramelised shrimp, topped with ginger hay
Ginger hay is not hay. It’s ginger. That looks like hay. Thereby proving that this dish contains ginger. Thereby adhering to this week’s ginger theme.

dessert special: sticky toffee-glazed cake with candied ginger and spiced maple bacon chip, plus a generous scoop of vanilla gelato by side
Sticky toffee glazed cake with candied ginger & spiced maple bacon chip
Also called The Universal Dessert – it’s got a bit of everything. It’s sweet, salty, spicy, fluffy, bacon-y, ginger-y, and vanilla gelato-ey. Guaranteed to please your first date or your 4,763rd date. Or not. Either way, if it’s all washed down with a 7% ABV Festival Pear Cider, the evening might still end very nicely after all.

Chris Slug said from this angle it kinda sorta looks like a Slug.
Sticky toffee glazed cake with candied ginger & spiced maple bacon chip
Well, if you happen to have photos of TGS food resembling any of Mother Earth’s wonderful creatures, send it to us at justask@thegardenslug.com with the subject Food Animal Me Want Win Cider. We’ll pick our favourite and shout you a bucket of Brothers Festival Pear Ciders (7% ABV). Serious!